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Building Web Apps with WordPress


WordPress as a Web Application Framework

WordPress is an incredibly flexible web application framework that QAT Global can leverage to develop seemingly unlimited types of web applications relatively quickly and inexpensively. We can setup your WordPress environment with a fully functional app equipped with user, session, and content management, the ability to monitor site activity, and much more in a fraction of the time required for full-on custom development.

We have the experience to apply the various APIs, common objects, and helper functions that allow complex applications to be created quickly without having to worry about lower-level systems integration. Also, we can guide you in the right choice of theme and plugins that will allow WordPress to be used as an application framework and produce remarkable, user-focused results.

In many situations, QAT Global can leverage WordPress to deliver a robust solution that meets your full requirements. In other situations, custom development will remain the optimal choice.

Develop a simple web application using WordPress and QAT Global

QAT Global can deliver a complete solution in a much faster timeline and lower cost than custom development using WordPress. WordPress has come a long way from its simple CMS beginnings. However, it isn’t suitable for every kind of app.

WordPress can be an ideal solution if:

  • Your app needs updated by a non-technical user

  • Your app needs updated or modified frequently

  • You need to build an app fast and inexpensively

  • You need to come up with a proof of concept

  • Your app needs an easy-to-navigate back-end

  • You’re willing to do some basic steps manually

  • Making compromises on some functionality is acceptable

How WordPress can be used as a Framework – Examples

Quiz, Test, or Decision Guide

Using WordPress as a web application framework allows visitors to complete tests and quizzes and provide feedback after analyzing their responses. Visitors can be logged in as users or anonymous. Dashboards can be created for persistent feedback.

Learning Management System

QAT Global can create a learning management system using WordPress where teachers and students can interact outside of the classroom, post discussions, give assignments, report grades, and even turn in assignments.


eCommerce is another popular application QAT Global can build using WordPress. With the WooCommerce plugin you’re provided components such as a shopping cart, and products are created using the WordPress existing data structures with products, tags, categories and attributes.

Billing System Back-end

An interesting use case involved creating a replacement back-end for a billing system. A mix of core WordPress software, plugins, and some custom code delivers a solid back-end billing system with a UI that includes only the needed options for a simplified admin process.

Intranet Solutions

An intranet is a private network that only users within an organization can access. For organizations with employees operating around the globe and in different time zones, QAT Global’s intranet solution powered by WordPress is a scalable and inexpensive method of providing transparency, making company-wide announcements, storing internal documentation, improving CEO communications, sharing time-off calendars, and more. Perhaps the biggest advantage is WordPress will not compromise your tech-budget, compared to other platforms that charge per-user, which is not ideal for a growing enterprise organization.

Open Source DXP

As the demand for more digital experiences grows, so does the number of enterprises that are leveraging WordPress as the cornerstone for their open-source Digital Experience Platform (DPX). A DPX is a combination of tools and software providing fast and cost-effective ways to build, test, personalize, and optimize digital experiences. Because WordPress is an open-source platform and easily integrates with other technologies, it can be extremely helpful for organizations looking to streamline the various aspects of their web application to help create agile solutions throughout the customer life-cycle.

User Interface

WordPress can be used to create a secondary front-end UI for technical types of products where end-users don’t need to access the full functionality of the application and would otherwise be confused by the existing UI. QAT Global can create a custom plugin to access data through an API or the database directly. Using WordPress in this way can be extremely useful and take a fraction of the development time it would to otherwise create a custom front-end UI.

Online Health Assessments

QAT Global’s WordPress experts can produce in-depth assessments for a variety of health-related issues, in which patients answer a series of questions and receive their results in a personalized visual dashboard and by email, if desired.

Dashboards can include scores or results from the assessment in a visually appealing way and easy to understand formats, include personalized suggestions or action steps dependent on the answers provided, contain instructions for visiting their physician or scheduling a consultation, enable users to view health records or receive a prescription, and more.

WordPress as a SaaS Application Platform

With WordPress, QAT Global can create a Saas application platform by combining the core functionality with community and custom plugins, a custom theme, a good server setup, and automation. WordPress’ built-in user system combined with an intuitive membership plugin and security plugin can save a lot of development time and provide nearly all the functionality needed with little effort.

A custom plugin can be used to take advantage of WordPress’ built-in functionalities for the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) actions surrounding data and enable the use of custom stylesheets for the different states of the login page and provide custom re-write rules to customize URLs.

We utilize WordPress’ theme template engine and Shortcode API to provide interaction areas for users. Many membership plugins provide shortcodes for users to update profile info, cancel subscriptions, or sign up for new subscriptions. Custom page templates can be used to provide the “wrapper” around the interfaces, provide an editing interface, and access additional details.

Additional Examples of how WordPress can be used as a Framework

  • Service Management System

  • CRM System

  • Contact Management System

  • School Management System

  • Event Management System

  • Document Management System

  • Awards Processing System

  • Classifieds Database

  • Job Listings


General Web App Features

The more of these features you require in your solution, the more appropriate it is to consider it a web app versus a simple website.

Why Use WordPress as a Web Application Framework?

QAT Global’s expert experience using WordPress as a Web Application Framework speeds up development time and makes routine maintenance less complex for appropriate projects. Also, the overall hours a custom development team is required on a project tend to be significantly less, as they don’t have to write and maintain code to handle the app’s core functionalities.

WordPress is a platform built on PHP and SQL, with a front-end served through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WordPress typically runs on a web server connected to a MySQL database on a Linux server. Therefore, essentially anything you build in PHP/MySQL can be added to your WordPress-based web application fairly easily. While WordPress and PHP/MySQL aren’t perfect for every task, they are well equipped for a wide variety of tasks. Having a single platform that will continue to grow with your business can allow you to execute and pivot faster when needed.

A blog is the default app that comes pre-configured with WordPress. However, what you actually have is a nicely structured relational database of correlated data stored within posts, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies. In addition, both custom fields and post types can be used to structure various kinds of data such as:

  • Classes

  • Contacts

  • Directory listings

  • Leads & Deals
  • Maps

  • Portfolio Entries

  • FAQ Entries

  • Reviews

  • Glossary Entries

  • Events

  • Products

  • Testimonials

Ultimately, the biggest advantage of using WordPress to develop your web application is comparatively minimal development time required to achieve a working project in comparison to a purely custom development project. QAT Global will help you eliminate the time required to develop a database architecture, APIs, user-management functionality, and more, by using WordPress as your application framework. We’ll also provide you with an easy to navigate admin interface and enable even non-technical users to update content at any time.

Functions of WordPress as a Web Application Framework

These features are included with the default WordPress functionality. However, each functionality or feature can be supplemented with other free, paid, or custom-written plugins. QAT Global’s expert experience at plugin configuration makes the possibilities for your WordPress web application virtually limitless.

Building a Simple Web App With WordPress Compared to .NET Web Application

Feature .NET WordPress
Web Server $ 0
Database Server $ 0
Database Schema $$ 0
Helper Functions $ 0 + $
Some custom development may be required in specialized scenarios.
Developers $$$ $
PHP developers typically cost much less than .NET developers
Custom Functionality $$$ 0 + $ + $
Utilize free plugins, payed plugins, or create custom plugins for additional functionality
User Logins $ 0
Security $$$ 0 + $
WordPress is one of the most secure platforms, and there are options for additional security requirements at a small cost

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