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Looking for some examples of how our clients are getting the most out of QAT Global services and products? Our white papers and articles will show you how ways to maximize your investments and take advantage of innovation.

QAT Global has developed groundbreaking white papers and articles that reflect our insights into how companies and government agencies achieve high performance.

  • Common SOA PitfallsPDF
    As developers and architects seek to fully understand SOA best practices, it is important to consider the common pitfalls of SOA adoption.
  • Is SOA the Answer?PDF
    Even though we have decades of experience in software development, we have yet to solve the mysteries of software complexity. As complexity grows, researchers find more innovative ways to answer the call.
  • SOA Business ValuePDF
    Explaining the business value of SOA to a business manager is not so much a conversation about how to extract business value from SOA, it’s more about how to extract value from the assets that you have in place. An SOA can be the architectural approach to help make that happen.
  • The Path to SOAPDF
    Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) provide clear business benefits by making software components freely interchangeable, reusable, and loosely coupled. Because SOA isn’t something you buy off the shelf, the implementation of an SOA can be daunting.
  • Legacy RenewalPDF
    Legacy Renewal, simply stated, is the process of converting an existing production application into a more modern application system.
  • What Are Your Legacy Systems Really Costing You?PDF
    While your legacy systems have played a significant role in your previous success, today they may be costing you much more than you may realize. Even systems that can be kept up today will become increasingly harder to maintain, afford, and stay compliant tomorrow.
  • Filling the GapPDF
    Look below the surface when determining which way to go, full-time or contractor when the next IT resource need becomes apparent. At the end of the day, you and your management team may just be surprised which is the hands-down winner.
  • How to Develop a Productive IT TeamPDF
    Having a productive IT team is essential to meeting project and departmental goals. Having reliable team building processes is of particular importance when teams consist of regular staff, consultants, and even offshore members.
  • What Are Your Colors Saying?PDF
    Colors evoke feelings and represent ideas, so the knowledgeable and appropriate use of color is critical when designing software applications and websites. You want to be sure that you’re sending the right message to your users. You also must be sure that the screens are easily readable and that the palette used in background, graphics, links and content work together.