Use the Web to Power Your Business
We’ll engineer a web software system from scratch, customize open source software, or update your existing application.
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Web Application Development for Business


Using the web to power your business.

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To succeed, you must stand out from your competition, be agile, and maximize your bottom line. Most companies have business functions that would benefit tremendously from being accessible anywhere in the world. QAT Global is here to help you with everything from building a basic content website to developing the most complex web-based internet applications, e-commerce applications, and social networks. We can engineer a system from the ground up, customize open source software, or update your existing application. Plus, while the majority of other companies are strong in either design or development capabilities, but not both, we bring strong expertise in both areas. Our expert development and designer teams collaborate closely on web application development projects to bring you superior user experience design.

Use Cases

  • Does your software need to work remotely across multiple browsers, operating systems, computers, departments & locations?
  • Do you need to deploy new upgrades for your company or customers and can’t afford to wait for “App Upgrades?”
  • Need to build web-based applications that connect to your on-premise data sources?

QAT Global offers web solutions that enable enterprise companies to start-ups to pro-actively manage market challenges including:

  • Increasing productivity by accelerating business processes
  • Intensifying collaboration and knowledge management
  • Launching and improving online services

QAT Global’s technology experience and expertise includes the following domains:

Custom Web App Development

Mobile-Optimized Web Development

Startup Software Development

Cloud-Architecture Solutions

We base our web develop service offerings on a thorough understanding of clients’ business requirements and our ability to deliver dependable solutions. We combine diverse business domain knowledge with over two decades of technology experience and best practices methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-conscious manner to maximize your competitive advantage and organizational productivity.

Web Application Development

Our web application developers provide custom web application development and software consultancy services. We tailor our web development services to specifically to meet each client’s requirements and business objectives. We have the experience necessary to deliver high performance web applications with complex functionality for clients.

Website Development

Our focus is on creating websites that work hard for your business – promote it, improve your brand visibility on the Internet, generate the most traffic for your site, while cutting the costs of providing services to your clients.  We provide professional custom website design and development including popular languages, Mobile Sites, E-Commerce sites, and CMS websites.

Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise

What do we consider a successful client web application? We look to four key areas. First, the application must stably, accurately, and productively fulfill the required business function. Second, it must deliver positive user experience. Third, the app must be easy and cost-effective to maintain. Finally, the development cost should be cost-conscious — so that the ROI you receive from the project is worth the costs incurred to bring it to production and maintain it.

To deliver a successful web application, our developers bring the knowledge, skills, and development process maturity level required to deliver in all four key areas. At QAT Global, we combine three key competencies – technology, domain, and industry – to ensure completeness of vision and ability to execute for every project. Unlike many other companies offering web development services that put their focus on a specific technology or platform, QAT Global strives to balance all three components to deliver additional value to our customers.

QAT Global Technology Lines in Web Development

Featured Java Web Development Expertise

  • Asset Management
  • Reporting Solution
  • Logistics System
  • Checking forms
  • Effective database management

Featured .NET Web Development Expertise

  • Data Management & Data Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Management System
  • Reporting System
  • Enterprise Content Management

Featured JavaScript & HTML5 Expertise

  • Rich Interactive Front-End
  • Data Visualization
  • Responsive Web Design

Why QAT Global for Web Development?

With over 20 years of experience in designing, developing, and supporting custom software and web applications and more than 2000 projects completed for customers, QAT Global is the reliable and reputable technology service provider you want to work with you to develop your most ambitious and complex projects.

Web Application Development

With QAT Global you get:

  • Rich and robust web applications matching your business requirements, needs, and expectations.
  • Well design, open application architecture allowing for high solution productivity and scalability.
  • Full control and transparency of the development process backed with seamless communication.
  • Highly maintainable applications that reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • QA procedures in place throughout the entire software development life cycle.
  • Deployment, ongoing support, and maintenance of the delivered application.

Customer-Oriented Service

Our commitment to developing long-term partnerships with our clients is reflected in the full life-cycle software development and implementation services we offer. We bring a high level of transparency to development activities and deliverables, mature project management, and seamless communication.

Looking for 360 degree web development services?

As a contemporary web development company, we offer a full spectrum of web services that range from budget scoping, prototyping, information architecture, search engine optimization (SEO), digital strategies, and social networking to concept design, web style guides, custom applications, content management system, and systems integration – essentially everything that touches to the medium of internet.

Essentially, we are an information technology (IT) services company committed to using technology innovation to deliver interactive websites, strategies, and applications. Our comprehensive consultancy services and solutions fulfill your web development needs so you can get on with business faster.

Social Media Solutions

Social networking website development made simpler. QAT Global offers custom social network community website designing and development services that are secure, scalable, and advanced social media solutions. Our solutions support profile management, importing friends, privacy and CMS controls, Facebook & Twitter integration.

Inbound Marketing Optimization

Inbound marketing optimization services include search engine optimization (SEO), social media management (SMM), recovery from Google updates, link building, earned media optimization, SEO copywriting, SEO consultancy, one-off optimization (basic optimization to launch the website as per search engine standards,) and brand reputation management.

Web Development Services

QAT Global is here to help you with web-based applications, backend data management, operations management, and other specialized tasks. We can engineer a web software system from scratch, customize open source software, or update your existing application.

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