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Leveraging Rural Sourcing Rates with Expert Resources

QAT Global has dedicated development centers to keep pace with technologies and their impact on how business is conducted. The US Development Center focuses on architectural leadership, project management, government and local projects, and the further design, development, testing, and delivery of QAT Global products and services solutions. The headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska, occupying the 2nd floor of the North Central Park Plaza Tower.

The US Development Center is home to the leadership team, research and development, marketing, administration, US recruiting, and development staff.  It is equipped with the latest technology and networking capacity to allow seamless communication with clients and the Offshore Development Center. The US Development Center also includes space for several large client development teams, allowing clients to quickly ramp up development teams for time-sensitive projects.

During distributed development customer engagements, an Omaha Development Center SME is aligned with each project. This ensures QAT Global provides the best technical solutions to our customers’ challenging, complex, and evolving business needs. Omaha, Nebraska, being centrally located in the United States, allows for QAT Global quick on-site or remote assistance to our consultants and clients. And with our corporate headquarters based in Omaha, our Omaha Development Center has access to a large resource pool to handle just about any customer need.

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Not all business software solutions come straight out of the box

At QAT Global, solutions come from a dedicated team of seasoned professionals. Whether you have written specifications or have a business idea that requires a software solution, we have the experience and ability to handle all of your custom development needs.

Enterprises of all sizes rely on QAT Global to cost-effectively deliver business-aligned IT innovation. See how you can, too.