The Essential Software for Creative Positions

The Essential Software for Creative Positions

Over the years, I’ve had a number of young people starting out in creative positions like web design, graphic design, marketing, advertising, user interface design, and so forth ask me what software I use in my position. While my title and exact duties have evolved over the years, the basic software toolkit that I use has remained the same. In fact, I am still using the same most of the same products by the same companies since they too have evolved over time just as my needs have.

Here is a breakdown of my creative toolkit:

This combination of programs lets me design everything from web images, technical illustrations, presentations, slide shows, labels, web videos, print-ready advertisements, marketing collateral, complete websites, proposals, and anything else that I am called upon to create. Obviously, there are a variety of alternatives, paid and free, to the tools I use. I’ve used the majority of these for many years, as well as a variety of others, and this list contains my favorites overall. The overall price tag for my toolkit is relatively high at approximately $2830 for the initial purchase of full versions. You can find a variety of alternatives to these programs that work similarly for free in my article on Open-Source Software for Your New Computer.

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Karie Barrett

Creative Development Director at QAT Global
is the Creative Development Director at QAT Global. She has over 20 years diverse marketing, design, and business experience. Karie is responsible for driving creative strategy and execution to develop and produce quality creative web and marketing solutions that meet internal and external client's business objectives and goals. @KarieBarrett

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