The Brazil Offshoring Advantage
Distributed Development that Delivers Exceptional Value and Minimized Risks.
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The Brazil Offshoring Advantage


Distributed Development that Delivers Exceptional Value and Minimized Risks

Enabling businesses to get competitive edge through strategic offshore software development

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When you select QAT Brazil for outsourcing your software development project, you can be assured that distributed development best practices principles will be the standard and norm.

Full comprehension of business and user requisites – We understand that cooperation and communication are fundamental to make two or more development teams complement each other in a distributed development project. Much more than just coders, QAT Brazil offers IT professionals capable of evolving and developing a thorough understanding of the requisites and business rules. Through this movement, we look to position ourselves in a more integrated manner with our clients, continuously growing our knowledge base of their business and capability of offering aggregate value.

Long term relationship building – QAT Brazil reflects the same beliefs of QAT Global – USA as a whole, believing that the relationships among people make the difference. We understand that a long-term partnership brings us the benefits of maturity, thus contributing to the minimization of risks caused by short-term decisions. Trust, mutual knowledge, flexibility and goodwill are just some of the benefits of making time our ally. Thus, through continuous improvement and day to day learning, we are able to perfect our processes, know our clients better, and become reliable partners who have as a most priceless asset the relationship bonding built throughout the years.

Communication – Since distance is a determining factor in the approach of distributed development, communication skills are one of the most important critical success factors. As partners in the development efforts, our continuous and clear communication is essential to meeting project deadlines. QAT Brazil believes that communication techniques and tools are as essential to distributed application development efforts as are technologies and programming because through effective communication we are able to avoid misunderstandings and poor definition of requisites which will translate into a product which will not meet business needs.

Productivity and quality assurance — Accomplishing more with less is a fact of life in today’s IT. One important way of increasing resources is within productivity enabled by the experience and usage of tools specially developed for this means. Aligned with service providing, QAT Global has a tradition of creating productivity and code automation tools which allow developers to accomplish more in less time.

Distributed Development Offshoring Advantage in BrazilExceptional value – As is the theme with any distributed development solution, QAT Brazil will provide your project budgetary savings while also producing quality work you can take to production with confidence.

Flexibility and change agility — A noted characteristic of QAT Global as a whole, inherited by QAT Brazil, is its rapid response to change requests. It is not always possible to preview all aspects involved in a given project. These realities make our ability to identify issues quickly, diagnose when the traditional working approach does not apply to the issues, and having the flexibility and availability of searching for new solutions for the project critical for success.

Strong integration and follow-up between QAT Global – USA and QAT Brazil – QAT Global’s distributed development projects are always monitored by a project manager at QAT Global’s USA office. This ensures that status reports reflect the current progress of the project giving project managers and business sponsors an accurate sense of project progress and status.

Configuration management – “Bringing it all together” for implementation in the production environment is one of the most challenging parts of any software project. Our Brazil development team, is specifically trained in integration techniques to avoid this problem. Starting at project inception, the team is focused on how to better deliver and transfer knowledge at the end of the tasks.

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