Who we are


Catalyst Technology Ventures invests in software-based startups. We believe that pioneering software technology is a core driver of competitive advantage. We know software is capable of changing the economics of entire industries. Our objective as venture investors is providing you with resources and experience to help you reach your goal.

We look for entrepreneurs who have a passion for their business, a growing market opportunity, hard to duplicate technology, and a business model that works for both the target customers and the enterprise.

The Entrepreneurs

The founders are the most important ingredient in cooking up a successful company. We look for passion, integrity, commitment, vision — and especially — an unyielding desire to succeed. Successful entrepreneurs don’t fit a cookie-cutter mold. They come from all walks of life, are of all nationalities, races, and ages — but all share one important component — a willingness to put everything on the line and a refusal to quit.

The Market

We’re looking for a well-defined, promising and addressable market. We stress the importance of profoundly understanding the workings of your target market, knowing the underlying economics and driving force, how easily you can identify the decision-makers within it — and most of all — the power of your value proposition to break into the target market.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We look for companies that can sustainably differentiate themselves from the competition — through mission, technology, intellectual property, business model, partners, branding, and a top-notch team.

The Team

Successful companies are built by strong, cohesive teams with the vision to define an operating strategy that leads to a profitable, high-growth enterprise. Teams must be fully dedicated to their business, realistic in assessments, and willing to learn from the successes and failures of market leaders. We understand strong teams are not built overnight, which is why we’re here to help attract excellence into the enterprise.

The Technology

It should be hard to duplicate, sustainable, and well-architected for the target market. “Me too,” or “nice to have” solutions may gain traction temporarily, but will not stand the test of time that is a prerequisite for venture investing. The founders need to have a firm grasp on technology, know how it fits into the technology eco-system of partners and competitors, and understand how it is differentiable and sustainable.

We’re experienced, opinionated, and driven — but our principal characteristic is our unwavering dedication to success. Each of us is addicted to creating new software, and Catalyst Technology Ventures gives us our fix.