Applying for the Startup Incubator


Startup Incubator - applying for the incubator

A Guide to the Process for Applying for the Startup Incubator

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When you’re applying for the incubator at QAT Global, here is what you need to do:

Submitting a Plan: While an introduction by a mutual acquaintance is best when applying for the incubator, we welcome being contacted directly. You can also find us at many local networking events, conferences, and tradeshows. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to email your plan, please send it to the member of our team whose background best fits your venture (bios can be found here). Finding good investment opportunities is our lifeblood.

Our Response: We understand that your time is as valuable to you as ours is to us. If we find that your idea is not a good match for our investment goals, we will notify you usually within 2 to 3 weeks. Otherwise, we will invite you to meet with us.

The duration from the initial meeting to the investment decision can vary from a couple of days to several months, typically being a few weeks. Prior to investment, entrepreneurs will meet our entire team – this process is beneficial to companies on account of the depth of our software resources during, and after evaluation.

Apply for the Incubator