State Government Agency Looks to QAT Global for Technology Upgrade Expertise

Moving from CA Gen 7.0 to 7.6


State Government Agency - Technology Upgrade Case Study

Customer Snapshot

  • State government agency

Skills Needed:

  • CA Ge

Solution Snapshot

  • Successful upgrade to CA Gen 7.6 (.Net)
  • Under budget and on-time

Key Differentiators

  • State government modernization expertise
  • CA Gen expertise

The customer had a critical system which was developed in CA Gen 7.0 using CA’s legacy renewal implemented by QAT Global. The agency came back to QAT Global for the CA Gen upgrade.

QAT Global’s Approach

QAT Global devised a solution to upgrade the customers CA Gen 7.0 development environment and run time environments including 3rd party software to CA Gen 7.6 (.Net) while on-going development changes were being made to the system. QAT Global provided project planning, project management, 3rd party infrastructure support/installation, actual upgrade of the CA Gen environments and application testing.

With QAT Global’s expertise, all of their CA Gen system and infrastructure to CA Gen 7.6 were successfully upgraded, and the upgraded was performed under budget and on-time.

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