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Software Development for Startups


Get to Market Fast and Be Ready to Scale Quickly with QAT Global’s Custom Software Development Services for Startups.

The stories of startups failing due to poor system design resulting in an inability to respond to market demands are all too common, leading startup founders to seek well-rounded, experienced developers to work on their projects. To ensure the initial code base is well written, they need a professional software development company for startups on their team. Startups look to QAT Global when developing their new systems for their experience designing enterprise-level custom software to ensure they start off with the right architecture and can scale quickly.

QAT Global brings all the necessary expertise – from business analysis and user experience design to custom software development quality assurance and testing, and deployment to help transform ideas into a successful business offering. We’ve been developing successful enterprise-level software products, SaaS, and Cloud-based solutions for over twenty years; we developed best practices and tools for doing it right time after time and can bring these to your project as well.

As problem solvers, QAT Global teams love new challenges. Thus, we love working with startups. Our repeatable software development and quality assurance processes coupled with nearshore development center option meet startups’ needs for cost-conscious development speed. It all starts with our flexible Agile-Scrum Methodology for distributed teams which allow us to bring new product fruition quickly and adjust to true market needs in virtually real time.


QAT Global has a unique approach to helping startups get the help they need. Our own founders are entrepreneurs themselves and are actively involved in investing in, mentoring, and helping launching startups, so they have valuable insight into the challenges a new company faces. We will work with you and your team to determine the best type of engagement for your startup.

Startup Software Development ServicesWe also select projects to be early investors in where there is a particularly good fit. We put some ‘skin in the game’ and build a unique partnership that produces a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to help the company generate early revenue and the business support needed to create early customer engagement. Regardless of whether or not we make an investment, our focus is on early and quick deliverables, short build cycles, and verifying business assumptions, so we are developing a product with the right features from the start.

Software Development Services for Startups

Our Agile, Repeatable Software Development Process Ensures Requirements Flexibility, Optimal Communications, and Full Transparency

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