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Developing a Marketing Strategy


Developing a Marketing Strategy The development of a marketing strategy for new business in such a competitive environment must be based on an understanding of the project and company’s situation with reference to the internal environment [...]

Developing a Marketing Strategy2019-03-27T11:13:29-05:00

Market Information


Market Information The aim of a market assessment, customer identification and targeting, and competitive assessment is to gather information that provides knowledge of both the potential customer and the marketing channels as the basis for [...]

Market Information2019-03-27T11:14:14-05:00

Pricing Your New Product or Service


Pricing Your New Product or Service Pricing is no simple matter for a new product and service.  Several factors must be taken into account, but in-app and social media network marketing there is little scope [...]

Pricing Your New Product or Service2019-03-27T11:24:20-05:00

Social Media Validation


Social Media Validation To get a better understanding of the market and demand, you will want to analyze social media channels. Twitter is a useful source for looking at market potential and product interest. Topsy [...]

Social Media Validation2019-03-27T11:26:13-05:00

Developing Your Value Proposition


Developing Your Value Proposition Developing a clear and compelling value proposition is critical in the first phase of an effective market opportunity assessment. In many ways, it is the most important part of the process. [...]

Developing Your Value Proposition2019-04-12T07:43:45-05:00

Identifying Your Idea’s Key Benefits


Identifying Your Idea's Key Benefits Identification of the key benefits of the planned product and service is central to all marketing and PR activities. The analysis will include comparing currently planned benefits to those which [...]

Identifying Your Idea’s Key Benefits2019-03-27T11:28:40-05:00