Solicitations Close: November 22, 2013

QAT Global, a long term client with the State of Nebraska,  is seeking a highly skilled Sr. AION Developer to join the State of Nebraska’s NFOCUS team.   Position will be located in Lincoln, NE.

N-FOCUS (Nebraska Family Online Client User System) is an integrated system that automates benefit/service delivery and case management for more than 30 Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) programs, including Child Welfare, Aid to Dependent Children, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and Medicaid. N-FOCUS functions include client/case intake, eligibility determination, case management, service authorization, benefit payments, claims processing and payments, provider contract management, interfacing with other private, state and federal organizations, and management and government reporting. N‑FOCUS was implemented in production in mid-1996 and is operational statewide.

N-FOCUS daily supports over 3000 workers, operating from offices around the State as well as from 4 customer service centers and 2 hub scanning facilities. Some cases are assigned to specific workers; some cases are managed via a universal caseload methodology coordinated by the customer service centers.

The application has both batch and online components and stores data in DB2, V9. The DB2 database has over 500 tables, some with a corresponding archive table.  There are over 642 relationships between tables, 1054 indexes, and over 7839 attributes.  There are over 1.6 billion rows of production data with over 206 million rows in one table with an average table size of 2.8 million rows.

The batch system is coded in Z/OS COBOL and executes in a Z/OS environment. There are more than 660 procedures, over 720 programs, and over 230 stored procedures.  The application generates over 540 reports using Crystal Reports that are published to a web portal through Business Objects Enterprise software. Another 100 reports generated independently are published to the portal for viewing.

The online system is an integrated client/server based software system. The client software executes on Windows 7 and resides on Windows 2008 servers located throughout the State. Computer Associates Gen and Aion toolsets are used to generate windows and C code, along with custom in-house architecture code written in C. The server components are Z/OS CICS transactions. The CICS programs are Gen-generated COBOL, along with in-house written COBOL and Assembler externals. The CICS programs access DB2 on the Z/OS mainframe. The Gen clients use External Call Interface (ECI), IBM’s CICS Universal Client to connect to the Z/OS CICS using TCP/IP protocol. The Gen online system consists of over 570 client procedures, 555 server procedures, 550 windows, and 1450 dialog boxes. The Aion online system supports the complex eligibility data gathering and automated determination and noticing processes.

N-FOCUS web applications consist of public applications including dashboard applications, and applications launched directly from N-FOCUS. Eclipse is the IDE used to generate the Java Server Faces and Facelets code. These Java applications run on Tomcat application servers on the Linux Operating System. The Java applications call stored procedures to access DB2 data and SQL to access SQL server data. N-FOCUS links with the Federal Healthcare Marketplace and Data Services Hub facilities via a number of custom developed web services.

The primary role of the N-FOCUS team today is to maintain and enhance the N‑FOCUS application. This includes providing users with technical and business support to keep the system current with government policy and industry technology, both of which continue to change at a rapid pace


  •  3+ years software development experience with the Aion toolset, version 11 or above. Experience must be in support of a large, complex application with AION executing on a Microsoft Windows client.
  • At least 3 years experience translating complex relational database tables into an object model design supporting a large Aion application. Experience translating business requirements to an object model design, including defining the interface between business tasks and a large existing data model. Experience taking advantage of inheritance and polymorphism in implementing that design. Experience blending new class structures into a large existing Aion application.
  • Experience designing and implementing GUI windows using the Aion toolset beneficial
  • Experience implementing application security using RACF and the Serena PVCS Version Manager. 

QAT Global provides a competitive benefits package to include Medical, Dental, 401k with Match, Short/Long Term Disability and Life insurance.

Interested candidates please contact to learn more about the opportunity. 

Brent Hodgen Contributor
has over 20 years of Human Resource experience and has spent much of his career doing IT recruiting. He joined QAT Global in 1999 as the Human Resource Manager. He is a dedicated recruiter who believes in high levels of customer service.