Sources for Paper and Envelopes for Your Next Project

Finding the perfect paper and envelopes for invitations, announcements, custom cards, and so on is what makes the difference between nice and fabulous. And we all want fabulous don’t we!?! Personally, I love to make my own holiday cards and invitations. Sure, you can buy some really nice ones, but there is just something about having something unique that drives me to create. Over the years I have searched for paper and envelope sources that can deliver just what I need at a good price. These are the places that I think are truly worth browsing!

The Paper Mill – a treasure for the graphic designer or marketer! They offer paper by the ream or bulk from a number of paper mills. Here you can find paper, envelopes, card stock, eco paper, digital paper, and resources for all kinds of projects. I love the ability to search by color in both paper and envelopes, plus they offer a large variety of sheet sizes.

French Paper – They offer truly fabulous and unusual papers for extraordinary projects. This is the place to start when you want something really special and your budget isn’t too tight. They offer their papers and envelopes in a wide variety of quantities.

Glodan – they offer a wide variety of paper from nine mills. A special feature is the ability to order it by the sheet! This results in huge savings for small projects. Plus, they offer some of the more hard to find papers.

Mohawk – order fine papers in reasonable quantities direct from Mohawk. They also offer sample books to help you learn which of the papers will be the best for your project.

Neenah Paper – buy paper directly from them in standard ream or carton quantities. They offer a wonderful selection of high quality papers for all types of projects.

Action Envelope – get all kinds of great envelopes and paper here. They offer fairly small quantities at good prices.

Paper Direct – this is a great place to go for preprinted paper, envelopes, invitation kits, card kits, and more. All you have to do is add the text. This is a quick solution when your creativity is lacking or you are in a hurry!