Dedicated Software Development Teams
Partner with QAT Global to expand your global footprint & integrate top software development talent & skill sets.

Software Development Team

The Dedicated Software Development Team Engagement Model

Have your own dedicated software development team in the US, Brazil, Costa Rica, or a mix of locations.

Software Development Team

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Contemplating extending your software development capacity with a dedicated team of talented software engineers in the long term? By engaging a dedicated development team with QAT Global in the US, Costa Rica, or Brazil, you get a proven outsourcing solution, which enables you to extend your development capacities at a high value, scalable, sustainable basis.

QAT Global’s Dedicated Software Development Teams offering enables clients to quickly extend their local engineering teams through product development and support resources in our software development centers in the US, Brazil, or Costa Rica. By partnering with QAT Global to expand their global footprints, our clients successfully extend their own Software Development Teams to help bring new, quality software products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

When a development project’s scope, specification, and implementation plans are reasonably well defined at the outset, a Dedicated Software Development Team model becomes an attractive option. Through this engagement model, customers can integrate talented global engineers into discrete projects that are “time-boxed” and require particular market or technology expertise. Under this model, QAT Global assigns a project team including a delivery manager, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to deliver on time.

In many cases, project requirements tend to evolve during the course of implementation, thereby necessitating additional or lesser resources. To facilitate such development, this Software Development Team engagement model gives clients the flexibility of adjusting product development and support resources to a global level while optimizing on time and costs.

High Value



Business Benefits

Fully dedicated to your project, yet without the burden of team management

A dedicated team is a good engagement option if you have a well-established development team but need an additional development force for long-term cooperation without the hassle of recruitment and management. We’ll provide an assembled team and take care of its integration, motivation, and management while you retain ownership over the whole project and control the overall project progress.

  • Gain an extended development team that generates repeatable product innovation and addresses their inherent business needs.
  • Obtain a Global Engagement Model perfected for projects of all sizes.
  • Reduce overall development expenses by optimizing key resources, projects, and best location parameters.
  • Scale development efforts through the flexibility incorporated in our engagement models to every customer based on their specific needs.
  • Speed the time-to-market of their products.
Teams vs Individual Performers

QAT Global’s Dedicated Software Development Teams give clients the ability to ramp up and down quickly to get new products to market and make enhancements to existing products quickly.

How does it work?

We recruit team members based on the skill set requirements of our clients’ projects, put them through our IT Staff Transformation training, and create your dedicated team. By doing so, we not only ensure the necessary technical knowledge of individual team members, but we implement a repeatable development process that delivers high value, consistent results.

As a result, our partners can develop their projects at a better value with us, increase the overall quality of projects, and innovate faster with new perspectives.

Agile Teams

  • Lead by expert delivery managers, aligned with all stakeholders

  • Enterprise and startup-minded teams geared for solution co-creation

  • Frequent incremental delivery of shippable value

  • Utmost flexibility to effectively accommodate scope changes

  • Effective backlog management

  • End-to-end reporting for exceptional visibility

  • Code reviews by expert engineers

Project Scope-driven Delivery

  • High predictability of releases and milestones

  • Real-time intelligent overview of project status

  • Enhanced risk management with early and regular risk assessment, re-evaluation, and expert corrective actions

  • Continuous delivery for shorter release cycles

  • Effective backlog management

  • Two-level control of project success by leads and dedicated delivery managers

Managed Dedicated Teams

  • Cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams of T-shaped professionals
  • Detailed ramp-up strategy aligned with your long-term objectives
  • Dedicated delivery managers responsible for overall project success

  • Adjustable team composition to match varying project needs

  • Risk-free knowledge transfer

  • Predictable and cost-effective resources scaling

Software Development Team Member Qualities

We put an emphasis both on technical know-how and soft skills when recruiting and selecting team members to achieve outstanding results for our client partners:

  • Always learning, evolving, and sharing what you know
  • Inspired by complex, varied problems and rapid change
  • Adaptable to different team structures, client environments, and project goals
  • Open-minded, flexible, and curious about new and better ideas
  • Desired Technical Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Dedication

This team is 100% dedicated to your software projects. Developers are not rotated between client projects during nearshoring engagements but remain dedicated to the assigned client project to maximize efficiency, synergies, and quality of work.

Quickly Extend Your Software Development Team Capacity

Enterprise development work done by expert software engineers

  • Acceleration of Time-to-Market: fast and easy team start thanks to our large IT talent pool, fine-tuned recruiting processes, and IT Staff Transformation training program.
  • Using a nearshore team reduces development costs by up to 50% compared to the same development quality in your home country.
  • Dedicated teams at fair and transparent rates.

5 Reasons to Opt for the Dedicated Software Development Team Model

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