Software Code Review

Looking for professional third-party feedback on your source code quality?

The intention of a software code review is to determine the general “health” of a custom software solution and serves as the starting point to develop a plan to correct any issues that may be revealed. We examine code and database architecture with an emphasis on potential security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and maintainability. QAT Global’s Software Code Review services allow you to get a comprehensive look at your website or application code, protecting your investment, avoiding bugs and security problems, and ensuring that your site or application was built correctly.

  • Security: The source code of the solution (website or application) itself, and access to the database must be kept secure in order to prevent a third party from gaining control with malicious intent. This is especially important in cases involving customer financial or other confidential information (credit card, bank accounts, social security numbers, etc.).
  • Performance: The load-time of a website or web-based application can determine whether or not a user returns to a website, let alone completes a transaction. Combine that with the fact user experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in how search engines rank websites, it is essential to optimize all web-based solutions for performance.
  • Maintainability: Put simply, if the software solution in question is very labor-intensive to maintain, it is likely costing precious time and occupying resources that might be better served working on revenue-generating initiatives.
Software Code Review Quick Sheet

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Software Code Review services are helpful to:

  • Ensure quality in outsourced work
  • Check for security and scaling issues before deployment
  • Minimize software flaws and downtime
  • Evaluate new programmers work and performance
  • Decide if changes or a rebuild would be more cost-effective
  • Determine resale value in intellectual property

QAT Global will list our top recommendations for improvement and will estimate the effort to complete the work. Our team will work directly with you to determine the best next steps based on budget and time frame expectations.


A document detailing QAT Global’s findings and analysis on the following items will help you gain a snapshot of your system.

  • Architecture
  • Database
  • Coding Conventions and Programming Style
  • Functionality


QAT Global will provide recommendations related to observed problem areas and recommended improvements.

  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Maintainability Problems
  • Database Design
  • Quality Assurance