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We offer a robust framework for your social web project that puts the focus on communication.
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Putting Social to Work for Your Business

Today, a website lives in a complex technical and user environment. The widespread use of smartphones and tablets has resulted in users expecting access to sites across devices and wanting the ability to work offline and synchronize their offline and online activities later. Whatever the project size or requirements, at QAT Global you will find full Social Networking & Media Solutions development services.

Social Networking Software

At QAT Global, we believe there is enough room for inspiration and fresh ideas despite the current domination of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. We are here to support your groundbreaking ideas and create your catching, interactive, and load resistant web application.
After working in software development for over two decades, we clearly understand how people interact with software online and offline and know how social networking software should be built. We offer a robust framework for your social web project that puts the focus on communication and aligns our best development practices with the cutting-edge features you suggest.

To support your ideas, QAT Global offers its expertise in building:

If your project involves one or all of these basic social networking types, then QAT Global is your choice.

  • Online servicing with social features — If are launching an online service, we will weave social into its core and equip it with the best features and tools for enhanced visibility and user experience.
  • Social commerce — We can incorporate smart networking and social shopping features into your full-size social commerce project or existing application and securely integrate it with your web payment system or connect it with popular payment gateways.
  • Communities — We can bring a custom look, feel, and unique branding to your online community and equip it with the most popular social networking tools.
  • Content exchange and delivery — If your social networking software idea is centered around users exchanging media content, we bring extensive expertise in building highly scalable and robust solutions, able to store and deliver large data volumes.


Delivering exciting functionality is the key to getting your social networking project noticed and creating the buzz necessary for widespread user adoption. QAT Global takes full advantage of its custom software development experience to produce engaging, innovative functionality and seamlessly integrate it with social networking tools in a single solution. We deliver rich user experiences in both frontend and backend tools; the result is happy, engaged users and administrators.

Selecting the right technology for your social networking solution may seem challenging, but this is where our extensive experience in developing secure, scalable enterprise solutions works to your benefit. To make your solution easy to maintain, scale, and update as your user base grows, QAT Global offers:

Social Networks Media

  • Most open program architectures to ensure scalability for future enhancements
  • Professional database and application server architecture to sustain high loads
  • Modular structure for easier maintenance and support
  • Best practice development techniques for cost-conscious development

Your customers are talking.
Are you listening?

Have you joined the conversation? Now is the time to engage, interact, communicate, personalize, and reward. QAT Global is your partner in designing, developing, and deploying scalable and sophisticated social media applications that deliver results.

Social Media Application Development for Business

The rapidly developing world of web and mobile technologies has led to new opportunities for businesses, both large and small, to maintain a constant presence across multiple media channels. Businesses are now actively using social media channels for customer retention and lead development to maximize revenues. Social media is a unique platform because businesses and consumers can interact and communicate not only with each other but also with brands, products, services, games and more via social media applications. Businesses that actively encourage their customers and non-customers to participate in their social web community — asking for their feedback, opinions, and suggestions — are rewarded with online credibility and customer trust.

Today, social media should be an integral part of your marketing efforts and a primary source of customer and potential customer feedback and analysis. These networks have become the primary mechanism by which your prospects are available to see your marketing messages to learn about your company, products, and services, and view customer feedback, opinions, and suggestions. This is the primary place they validate your messaging and make the decision of whether or not they are going to do business with you.

QAT Global delivers a comprehensive solution for all of your social media application objectives including:

  • Successfully branding business
  • Expediting sales & marketing activities
  • Lead generation
  • Increasing traffic to corporate websites
  • Initiating new concepts and products to the market and reaching out to maximum targeted audience

At QAT Global, we help clients reach their audience using the power of social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, etc. where visitors spend most of their quality time. We develop social media applications that give clients a comprehensive command over social media marketing and result in gaining faster exposure to a global audience.

Social Media Application Development Services

QAT Global’s social media application development team serves clients by:

  • Developing social media applications to support client’s online promotions
  • Improving the client’s productivity to work for better business opportunities and gain a competitive edge in their marketplace
  • Reviewing the efforts of clients to plan and develop their social media applications for all prominent social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Maintaining the organization’s continuous effort to enhance the existing social media applications by conceptualizing new features, develop customized applications, updating application content, reorganizing features, introducing new options, incorporating data capture interfaces, enabling conduct contest and polling capabilities, and getting more friends/users/followers to their social media pages.
QAT Global gives you incredible power through Facebook Applications so that you can enjoy superior exposure on social media. We have you covered: Improve your PR, release new products, make announcements, spread breaking news, accept donations, or increase popularity among your fans.

QAT Global is a strong advocate of user-friendly Facebook App development. Our development team brings an exceptional blend of artistic and technical expertise and experience.

QAT Global Facebook Application Services:

  • Custom Facebook Applications
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Connect & Integration
  • Facebook Game & Utility Apps
  • Facebook Open Graph API
  • Sweepstakes & Contest Apps
QAT Global gives you the ability to reach across numerous social networks through OpenSocial application development so that you can enjoy excellent exposure on social media with a single development effort. OpenSocial is the first standardized code for social networking platforms. The advantage of integrating OpenSocial API is that is can be easily re-used on all of the supporting social networks. By using OpenSocial, there is no need to develop separate strategic application campaigns for each of the social networks. A single application strategy campaign can be used across the board and reduce development time and costs. QAT Global is here to advise, develop, and help you make your OpenSocial application a success.
Twitter puts a massive audience base and popularity at your marketing disposal. Twitter has opened up the conversation between consumers and brands; increasing customer engagement and brand awareness for those who take advantage of it. It helps establish a dialogue with prospective customers and also can help companies listen to what consumers are saying about their products. The open conversation provides valuable data about consumer attitudes and choices.

QAT Global understands the power of Twitter. Our Twitter development team has extensive knowledge of Twitter application development and implementing Twitter applications on web and mobile devices.

QAT Global is here to advise, develop, and help you make your Twitter application a success.

QAT Global is here to help you bring LinkedIn’s professional identity and insights to your site or business application. LinkedIn has made an API available to developers that allows you to customize functionality based on a user’s geography, work experience, and network.

QAT Global is here to advise, develop, and help you make your LinkedIn application a success. We understand the power of personalization.

When clients need something more than an application, QAT Global can support them from the desktop to the web to mobile. Contact us today, describe your project and get a free quote on it.

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If you are planning to launch a social networking or media project and are seeking an innovative and reliable development partner – look no further. At QAT Global, you will find a unique approach for developing social projects and ideas that deliver results.