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Developing Relationships One Interaction at a Time

Social media has evolved from being cutting-edge technology to being integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives in record time. It’s there with us, personally and professionally 24/7/365 and it’s getting a notable amount of our attention. And the attention of search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. What does this mean for your business? How can you leverage this massive audience to build your brand? Social media marketing has the potential to impact your customer outreach, relevance, and retention in monumental ways.

Easily Access Your Target Market and Expand Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing - Target AudienceSocial media marketing is used to realize branding and marketing goals through participation in all relevant social media networks. It’s about taking a multifaceted approach that goes beyond email blasts, profiles, and regular message dissemination through social media networks. The real success of social media marketing is not necessarily profitability.

Businesses that take the time to connect with current and future customers can grow their brand awareness, and maintain a lasting positive brand association. Social media marketing also has the potential to improve your company’s conversion rates through customer targeting, the analysis of sales tracking information, and by never using spammy marketing techniques. Plus, by applying analytics to social media marketing, a business can learn key details about user behavior and traffic, including page views and exposure on the various platforms so they can deliver the content their users want.

Did you know search engines love social media? They factor likes, retweets, fans, sharing, circles, and so on into how they will rank your pages in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Pleasing the search engines is a thrive or die situation today. Businesses that find their way to the front page of the SERPs have an exponentially larger audience than those on pages 2+.

Creating Opportunities to Connect with Customers 24/7/365

QAT Global’s social media marketing services include evaluation of your company’s current engagement in social media networks focusing on reputation and trust management, community, content delivery, and accessibility. Focusing on these areas, we can make recommendations for a strategy that includes elements such as blogging, RSS feeds, website integration, linkbacks, content, rich media applications (video), analytics, and most importantly, social media platforms.

The Power of Community – Get Social with Your Customers

Online social networking communities are some of the fastest growing sites on the internet, with new ones constantly popping up. Each day, top social networking sites receive massive amounts of traffic, providing almost endless opportunities to become engaged with your customers. When your company uses the same social media tools as your target audience(s), you have the opportunity to foster brand advocacy, learn how to improve product and service offerings, further engage your target audience (including sold customers), and ultimately increase sales. Social media offers the ability to tap into mass “word of mouth” advertising.

Below are just a few of the social media sites we can help you utilize to create more value for your business. Since the list of social media tools and sites is ever changing, please let us know if one you are interested in hasn’t been listed yet.

supported social media platforms


Social media marketing gives you the power to grow your brand awareness, generate leads, improve conversion and retention rates, and help your improve your position in the search engines. Get started today with QAT Global.