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Java Software Development Outsourcing
With Dedicated Nearshore Teams
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Experience the benefits of outsourcing to dedicated, talented
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in Brazil or Costa Rica

Web App Development

QAT Global provides full lifecycle web app development projects for clients for anytime, anywhere accessibility.

Saas Product Development

Impress your users by developing user friendly, robust, scallable Saas products.

Desktop App Development

Streamline your business process and integrate with other systems with expert developed desktop apps.

Java Technical Expertise

Everything you need for your Java project and a full supporting suite of other technologies.

Industry Expertise

We work with clients to develop custom Java applications that enable sustainable enterprise development in a variety of industries including:

  • Utility & Energy
  • Finance
  • Health/Medical
  • Startups
  • Genetics
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Solution Expertise

  • Customer Portals & Corporate Intranet/Extranet
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Automation
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Data Warehouse Modernization
  • SaaS Software Products
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Internationalized Applications
  • Hardware/IoT Device Control and Integration
  • Real-time Tracking Systems
  • Inventory/Asset Management Systems
  • Financial Services/Accounting/Money Services
  • E-commerce/Payment Processing Systems
  • Task & Records Management
  • Big Data & Analytics

Our Services

QAT Global is passionate about its clients growth and meeting their strategic goals.

We can help you achieve your project goals by giving you the development capacity of a global network of project teams that deliver consistent, high-quality results with an excellent rate. Whatever you need – from Java to .NET, new projects to modernization. Wherever you need us – Brazil, Costa Rica, USA.

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Agile-Scrum Development and Delivery Practices

Extensive hands-on domain experience

Ability to grow the development team quickly and provide 100% dedicated developers

Rapid delivery of projects using repeatable development methodology

Top development talents backed by rigorous custom Java training program

Flexibile engagement models to fit client’s needs

Now Accepting New Clients

QAT Global is now accepting new clients for Java custom software development teams in Brazil and Costa Rica.

Our nearshore development centers offer convenient time zone and cultural similiarities backed by well-educated technical resouces.

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What Our Clients Say About Working With Their Team

QAT has been a trusted supplier of software development services to Sensus for 5 years. We have turned to them over and over for both short term projects as well as long running programs. Our teams have come to trust their technical leadership and decision making when they are part of a larger team and also when they are delivering a project independently. We appreciate that the architects and engineers think about the big picture and bring to our attention implementation options to consider that affect our system flexibility and cost of ownership down the road. The quality of deliverables has been excellent and we have measured a far lower defect rate per lines of code committed than any other team. Code delivered is tested by the engineer who wrote it and test automation used when possible. Frequent demonstrations of work and progress keeps our stakeholders engaged with progress improving quality and ability to meet schedules. Not only is the planning well executed to be confident in the schedule but the Agile process used insures there are no surprises. We feel informed and up to date on all aspects of risk and schedule at all time.
Matt Ferguson, Sr. Director of Analytics Solutions, Sensus

ABS’ first experience with QAT Global was through an assessment of an existing web application for our technical services area. The application had been problematic for quite a while, generating multiple user’s complaints. QAT performed the assessment and produced a final report pinpointing the application’s technical and functional issues, along with a proposed plan to solve them. The assessment was delivered on time and on budget. ABS decided then to move ahead with the proposed plan and engaged a QAT Global team of developers for execution. At this point QAT then presented its methodology and explained the different roles each person would play during the development cycles, also called sprints. The project was started and we are currently in our sixth sprint. During these sprints I have been personally involved in the project and dealt with the QAT team on a daily basis. I can attest the team is very professional and committed to the success of the project. My experience with all team members has been very positive and they are always open to suggestions for improvements and overall discussion. The deliverables so far are of high quality, and project management has been able to respond to all my questions in a timely fashion.

As a testament of the successful relationship, ABS has engaged with QAT on a second project, now in the Marketing area.

I would recommend QAT for your business needs for they have helped ABS remodel an outdated application so now it has a better future ahead. QAT met all our timelines, and worked with us to offer solutions that were within our budget.

Helio Rezende, Technical Service Tools Manager, ABS Pecplan