Welcome back to the QAT Global team

Rick Duros Rejoining the QAT Global Team

After a five year departure, Rick Duros has rejoined QAT Global to bring his extensive CA Gen experience to long time client TSYS. The team at QAT Global is excited to have him back for theirs is a relationship that has spanned 13 years in an industry where people come and go all too frequently.

It all began with Brent Hodgen, company recruiter, seeing Rick at a Chinese buffet near the Omaha corporate offices in December of 1999. Rick was working for another company when Brent joined the company in July of 1999 and had been in the QAT office as QAT and the company Rick was working for at the time were collaborating on a proposal. While the proposal did not result in an award, when Brent saw Rick at the buffet, he let him know that he had an opportunity at Union Pacific for a CA Gen resource. The chance hello at lunch started the wheels in motion to explore the opening at Union Pacific. Rick provided Brent with his resume who submitted him for the position. Rick was selected and began working for QAT at Union Pacific in January of 2000. He remained with QAT at Union Pacific for the next 8 years when Union Pacific opted to outsource to another company. But this was far from the end of their relationship.

Over the years, Brent stayed in touch with Rick and kept him apprised of CA Gen opportunities that might be of interest to him. Time and again, they couldn’t get availability, location, and opportunity to line up. After 5 years, all of the critical elements came together and Rick came home to QAT where he found a large number of very familiar faces and old friends.

Welcome back to the QAT Global family Rick!

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