Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
Give your end users a state-of-the-art web experience with superior performance, reliability, and design.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Deliver Results

Creating Deeper Customer Engagements

In our global business environment, customers have grown to be more demanding than any other time in the history of business. Brand loyalty is increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain in the face of technology immersion. Creating deeper customer engagements is key to an organization’s success. RIAs provide the opportunity to engage customers by making interactions useful, dynamic, and satisfying.

The “Wow” Factor

Rich Internet Applications are web applications that embody most of the characteristics of a desktop application while providing a user interface that is more responsive than a traditional application. RIA Development from QAT Global enables businesses to provide a higher level of service to customers, improve productivity, and utilize advanced communication systems while providing a premium, interactive web experience.

Rich Internet Applications are commonly used to deliver features such as videos, word processors, and online games to users.

Benefits of RIAs

RIAs offer organizations a proven, cost-effective way to deliver high levels of functionality and deliver real business benefits:

  • Offer users a richer, more engaging experience and increases user productivity
  • Keep pace with users’ rising expectations
  • Increased customer loyalty, conversion rates, and higher profits
  • Supports advanced data visualization, including charts and graphical presentation of data.

Rich Internet Applications developed by the experts at QAT Global offer clients excellent accessibility, scalability, and portability. Your end users will enjoy a state-of-the-art web experience that includes superior performance, reliability, and design.

Rich Internet Applications Quick Sheet

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Benefits of QAT Global RIA Development Services

  • Cost-conscious development. You get a complex, quality rich internet application at excellent rates using a distributed development team.
  • Great performance. Your Ajax application is designed to prevent memory leaks.
  • Easy maintenance. Your rich internet Ajax application is easy to enhance and scale.

RIA Offerings

  • Premium Web Design
  • Custom E-commerce
  • Advanced Web Applications

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Using the high level of technology adoption, RIAs can be deployed across browsers and desktops.

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