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Research and Development Labs


QAT Global Research and Development LabsQAT Global’s Research and Development Labs (R&D) offer premium technology services to clients based on intensive research and experiments with new and upcoming technologies. Our team studies emerging and cutting-edge technologies looking for high value ways to leverage them for our clients. 


  • Reusable components, tools, and frameworks that accelerate the software development process
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Overall software development costs are significantly reduced
  • Development with high level of code reuse
  • Increased focus on business functionality and security

QAT Global’s Research and Development Labs act as incubators for new product ideas and as a learning center for all our stakeholders. The ideas and innovations emerging out of these Labs have enabled us to, time and again; provide significant head-start to our clients’ technology initiatives and projects. Putting R&D ideas and innovations into action in real projects furthers their refinement and helps move them from concept to proven component, tool, or framework. Plus, the research knowledge and application enables us to suggest opportunities to create new business from advances in technology, offer new ways to bring solutions to market, and offer substantial savings in both cost and time

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