Quarter 4 Employee Anniversaries

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual. We’d like to thank all of our employees – in the United States, Brazil, and in Costa Rica – for choosing to be part of our team and for their years of excellent service and commitment. We count on our staff to lead us to many more enjoyable and successful years. Together, we are one.


10+ years

Chuck Snyder
Karie Barrett
Bob Steele
Tim Goldsmith

1+ years

Rocky Pulley
Brett Nittinger
Diane Haltigan
Srinivas Sosale
Brad Bass
John Strand
Tayler Crayne
Dorene Watson
Sushma Dareddy
Jeanette Bartunek
Ken Colvin


Chad Hultman


5+ years​

Wellington Moura​
Thiago Marques​​

1+ years

Inaiane Rodrigues
Maurilio Peres
Rafael Ribeiro​
Joao Saad
Laerton Figueiredo
Marcos Carneiro
Mauricio Fontes
Rafaela Oliveira​


Jakson Silva

Costa Rica​

1+ years​

Kimberly Paniagua
Christian Marenco
Andres Wuthrich
Carlos Fernandez


Leiner Castro
Carlos Chanto
Carlos Solano
Raj Kumaravel

Staff Recognition