Quarter 3 Employee Anniversary’s

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual. We’d like to thank all of our employees – in the United States, Brazil, and in Costa Rica – for their years of excellent service and commitment. We count on our staff to lead us to many more enjoyable and successful years. Together, we are one.

Staff Recognition Q3 2020

US Staff

Celebrating 1 year:

Celebrating 4 years:

Celebrating 5-10 years:

Celebrating 15+ years:

John Wang
Raj Deeduvanu

Paul Barney
Joe Powers

Kenn Thompson
Steve Dunn
Ed Lorenz

Greg Jennings
Brent Hodgen


Celebrating 1 year:

Celebrating 3 years:

Celebrating 5+ years:

Danilo Ribeiro
Guilherme Oliveira
Joao Silva
Natalia Previdelli
Wesley Magalhaes

Marcelo Junior
Rodrigo Caminha

Thiago Maia: 6 years
Diego Polis: 8 years
Sheila Silva: 8 years
Alex Tiveron: 10 years
Cris Cobo: 10 years
Igor Mendes: 10 years

Costa Rica

Celebrating 1 year:

Celebrating 2 years:

Cristian Chavarria
Milton Arias
Andy Chacón

Abel Quesada
Gabriel Ulloa
Sharon Amador
Andres Fernandez