Quarter 2 Employee Anniversary’s

We’d like to thank all of our employees – in the United States, Brazil, and in Costa Rica – for their years of excellent service and commitment. We know our staff will continue to lead us to many more enjoyable and successful years. Together, we are one.

US Staff

Lyval Bertulfo is celebrating 3 years with the company.
Rob Davison is celebrating 6 years with the company.
Don Phillips is celebrating 12 years with the company.
Francisco Garcia is celebrating 15 years with the company.
Anke Doerfel-Parker is celebrating 16 years with the company.
Randy Parsons is celebrating 24 years with the company.

Costa Rica

Celebrating 1 year with QAT Global:

Orlando Sanchez
Jeison Figueroa
Julian Vanegas
Jury Gittens
Luis Rojas
Jose Madrigal
David Pitty


Celebrating 1 year with QAT Global:

Celebrating 4 years:

Celebrating 7 years:

Augusto Matos
Flavio Barcelos
Frederico Silva
Grasieli Maciel
Luciano Machado
Wanderson Ferreira
Rodrigo Junior
Pedro Pereira

Marlon Freitas

Luis Pereira

Welcome to the Company!

Staff Recognition Q2 2020

QAT Global would also like to welcome several new members to the QAT Global team this quarter. We look forward to seeing all of the great things we know you will accomplish in the upcoming years!

Joining our US Team:

Randy Kirksey
Sundar Kasturi
Carrie Schrat (Returning)

Joining our Brazil Team:

Victor Gomes
Vitor Gonzaga

Joining our Costa Rica Team:

Daniela Depablos
Utsav Sethia
Carlos Navarro
David Quiros
Saket Kumar
Oscar Quiros
Juan Pablo Rodriguez
Pinki Agrawal