QAT Global Employee Recognition - Quarter 1 2016

QAT Global would like to thank the following staff for another year of excellent service to the company. We’re excited to have such an outstanding team growing with us.

  • Julie Parsons is celebrating 19 years with the company.
  • Lauren Holden is celebrating 18 years with the company.
  • Alex Barros is celebrating 17 years with the company.
  • Carrie Schrat is celebrating 16 years with the company.
  • Alicia Small is celebrating 6 years with the company.
  • Kim Cunningham is celebrating 1 year with the company.
  • Ed Lyman is celebrating 1 year with the company.

We would also like to welcome Jane Malik and Brad White to the QAT Global Team.

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Tayler Crayne
Marketing Assistant , QAT Global
Tayler Crayne is the Marketing Assistant at QAT Global. Tayler is responsible for supporting the continual promotion and development of the QAT Global brand, and awareness throughout enterprise-level businesses; with a specific focus on social media, account-based marketing and lead nurturing.
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Creative Development and Marketing Director, QAT Global
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is the Creative Development and Marketing Director at QAT Global. She has over 20 years of proven success leading corporate marketing, communications, IT, and business strategy development. Karie is responsible for driving creative strategy and execution to develop and produce quality creative technology and marketing solutions that meet internal and external client’s business objectives and goals.