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The QAT Insights Blog is a resource for CEOs, software engineers, designers, project managers, and entrepreneurs, featuring articles on methodologies, engagement models, modernization issues, platforms and technologies, project issues, tutorials by professional QAT Global staff, resources to help ambitious startups, and much more. We aim to offer fresh insights into the custom software development field. We hope it keeps you up to date with what is going on in the field, the problems and solutions we’re working on, and the processes and tools we’re using.

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No Shave November Challenge 2018

QAT Global Staff  Participates in No Shave November QAT Global Staff put away their razors for the month of November to support those involved in the fight against cancer. While participating in No Shave November people everywhere [...]

Top 6 Must-Attend Emerging Technology Conferences

  Top 6 Must-Attend Emerging Technology Conferences Discover where the most innovative cutting-edge tech is being introduced to the public! Attention all technology lovers! Are you always researching what emerging technology is making its way [...]

4 Major Resume Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

4 Major Resume Mistakes You're Making Right Now Here at QAT Global, we review many resumes: making edits, correcting mistakes, and formatting the documents to maximize each candidate’s opportunity for success. During the process, we [...]

Must Reads for IT Leaders

Must Read Book Recommendations for IT Leaders Our Director of Brazil Operations here at QAT Global, Alex Barros, has two new must-read book recommendations for IT Leaders to add to their reading list. Along with [...]

7 Engaging TED & TEDx Talks on Blockchain Technology

  7 Engaging TED & TEDx Talks on Blockchain Technology Discover how blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has the potential to transform the financial industry and much more. The emergence of blockchain technology is having an [...]

The Best Software Engineering Conferences

The Best Software Engineering Conferences Where U.S. Developers Go to Improve Their Skills Passionate software developers are always learning and testing new software engineering methods. Staying on top of industry changes and trends is an [...]

Advantages of Nearshoring IT Solutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Advantages of Nearshoring IT Solutions [INFOGRAPHIC] Outsourcing Your IT Solutions to a Nearshore Country Delivers Results Outsourcing IT solutions has become a very strategic and popular move for many companies. Nearshoring involves transferring IT solutions [...]

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