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CEO’s Checklist for Effective Cyber Security


CEO’s Checklist for Effective Cyber Security Hackers are continually expanding their methods of attacks, and companies everywhere of all sizes are being targeted. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey: 2015, the percentage [...]

CEO’s Checklist for Effective Cyber Security2019-04-10T11:10:20-05:00

4 Common Misconceptions about Test Automation


4 Common Misconceptions about Test Automation Revealed Test automation has become an increasingly interesting and effective testing method for many testers. Every time your software code is modified, it needs to be [...]

4 Common Misconceptions about Test Automation2019-04-10T10:28:29-05:00

Manual Testing Services


Getting a User's Perspective on Defects and Usability with Manual Testing Manual Testing is the oldest and most stringent form of testing software products. The tester uses all features of the application in the same [...]

Manual Testing Services2019-03-27T10:41:32-05:00

Testing Services for Existing Teams


Leveraging an Outside Perspective for Your Software Development Testing Testing is a critical step in all software development. Testing can also be one of the most tedious steps of software development. A fresh new pair [...]

Testing Services for Existing Teams2019-03-27T10:44:24-05:00
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