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How QAT Global Uses Open Source


How QAT Global Uses Open Source Putting Open Source to Work in the Enterprise At QAT Global, we often employ open source platforms and software when building custom solutions for our clients and for internal [...]

How QAT Global Uses Open Source2019-11-07T10:04:06-05:00

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Deliver Results


Improve the Customer Experience with a RIA The Web is evolving. The capabilities and opportunities for creativity are expanding. The introduction of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) has changed the web experience for customers. RIAs have [...]

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Deliver Results2020-02-20T13:11:53-05:00

Java Development for Enterprise Software Development


Putting the Power of Java to Work for Enterprise Software Development Java is a commonly used language when developing software. It holds many advantages in comparison to other developing languages. Java is flexible, easily scalable, [...]

Java Development for Enterprise Software Development2020-02-20T13:47:15-05:00