Legacy Modernization

Modernizing Legacy Systems to Protect Your Legacy


Your Enterprise, Your Legacy: Modernizing Legacy Systems Technology companies are always looking toward the future. The best companies are already thinking about and developing products that will be released years from now. [...]

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CA Gen Legacy Application Modernization


Modernizing a CA Gen application isn't a project that just any IT consulting company is capable of taking on. CA Gen clients come to QAT Global to have their CA Gen applications modernized because of our long-standing, rich history in the CA Gen product combined with our expertise in modern technologies that has resulted in the delivery of a numerous successful CA Gen modernization projects.

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What Are Your Legacy Systems Really Costing You?


Stay Ahead of the Competition. Stay ahead of the competition. Reduce costs. Be agile. These are common demands placed upon every business, particularly IT departments, today in an endlessly changing environment. While your legacy systems [...]

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Legacy Renewal


Converting an Existing Production Application Into a More Modern Application System by Ken Bass Legacy Renewal, simply stated, is the process of converting an existing production application into a more modern application system. There are [...]

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