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  • Top 6 Must-Attend Technology Conferences Attention all technology lovers! Are you constantly researching what emerging technology is making its way to the public? Are you typically the first to try the newest software applications or gadgets? Emerging technology is continuously changing the way we operate in our everyday lives, and there are conferences [...]

  • 8 Must Watch TED Talks on AI Dive into this list of TED talks to answer some of the most pressing questions about AI. What does the future of AI look like? How does AI learn, and what can it be useful for? These questions and more are answered through these TED talks [...]

  • Prioritizing 5G to Get the Most Out of Your Enterprise The implications of 5G As we move into 2020 digital trends are being set, and advancements in technology are emerging. It’s no secret that the next generation of wireless technology, known as 5G, is in the works of being implemented and will [...]

  • 12 Must Watch TED Talks on AIFor all, you who are technology lovers, AI enthusiasts, and casual consumers with peaked interest, don't miss your chance to learn about the newest advancements in artificial intelligence and an opportunity to join the discussion on the ethics, logistics, and reality of super-intelligent machines. Explore the possibilities [...]

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  • 5 Big Data Myths Exposed Don't Be Fooled By These Big Data Myths Big Data is a hot topic amongst large companies of all types. Being relatively new in terms of having practical business applications comes with both being held in high regard and facing a large amount of skepticism. Some are [...]

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  • Why Startups Should Cash In on Blockchain Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies present a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups If you scrolled through any of your social media feeds recently you are sure to see something about Bitcoin. After all, Bitcoin is showing signs of stabilizing following its massive surge in the winter [...]

  • Life with IoT – Creating a Connected World The Impact of IoT on Our Everyday Lives The clock reads 7:00 AM as you wake up to the sound of the alarm on your phone. At the same time, your bedroom light turns on, the shower starts to heat the water, and the [...]

  • Top 6 Must-Attend Emerging Technology Conferences Discover where the most innovative cutting-edge tech is being introduced to the public! Attention all technology lovers! Are you always researching what emerging technology is making its way to the public? Are you typically the first to try the newest gadgets or software applications? Emerging technology [...]

  • QAT Global Shares 10 TED Talks on Big Data and Analytics Dive deeper into the fascinating world of big data analytics by learning from these knowledgeable experts. The rise of the computing age gave humans the ability to collect more information than they ever thought possible. Data is everywhere, but finding insights [...]

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