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  • How to Ensure Your Developers are Best Utilized Why is it important to make the most of your developers? There is no doubt that software development is a highly technical and demanding organizational function. Often, this leads to developers not being utilized optimally, leading to dissatisfied employees, poor code quality, inefficient development processes, increased [...]

  • How to Find Top-Performing Hires A Candidate with the Propensity to Learn May Beat A Purple Squirrel Perfect Candidate vs. Empty Seat When looking for top-performing hires, using an IT staffing firm to hire contracted IT professionals has become a popular strategy for many companies. This is particularly true of those companies [...]

  • How to Make Committee Interviews Work Having candidates interview with multiple team members often has its advantages. However, it can also be full of pitfalls and non-productive efforts that may lead to a vacant seat being vacant for an extended time if not executed well. Having a solid strategy for conducting candidate [...]

  • Top 5 Benefits of IT Staffing Services Demand for skilled IT labor is at an all-time high in the U.S. It is estimated that around half of the 1.6 million IT job openings available this year will go unfilled, showing a clear hiring problem for employers. Staffing demands are continually changing, and [...]

  • QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment In the business of IT, hiring a large staff of full-time employees is less and less common. Instead, many companies look to supplement their core IT staff with temporary IT consultants brought in on a contractual basis through an IT Staffing company. This is [...]

  • 4 Major Resume Mistakes You're Making Right Now Here at QAT Global, we review many resumes: making edits, correcting mistakes, and formatting the documents to maximize each candidate’s opportunity for success. During the process, we have come across a number of common errors being made by all types of candidates, so we decided to [...]

  • Can Distributed Teams Be Successful? How to Find Success With Distributed Software Development Teams A team is a group of people brought together to achieve a common goal. When the word team is brought up often the first thing that comes to mind is sports. Professional sports teams are formed by assembling the top [...]

  • How to Quickly Extend Your Development Capacity with an On-Demand Software Development Team Developing software can be extremely complex. Even the most experienced software developers may need a team to help them in developing software. QAT Global has a great team of experts who are eager to be that help. QAT Global will provide [...]

  • The Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Offshore IT Outsourcing What is Rural Sourcing? Rural is a relative term – to some it’s a small town, and to others, it’s a second-tier city like Omaha, Nebraska. Generally, rural sourcing centers are located in low-cost areas compared to urban-based centers. One thing most people agree on – [...]