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  • How to Find Top-Performing Hires A Candidate with the Propensity to Learn May Beat A Purple Squirrel Perfect Candidate vs. Empty Seat When looking for top-performing hires, using an IT staffing firm to hire contracted IT professionals has become a popular strategy for many companies. This is particularly true of those companies [...]

  • How to Make Committee Interviews Work Having candidates interview with multiple team members often has its advantages. However, it can also be full of pitfalls and non-productive efforts that may lead to a vacant seat being vacant for an extended time if not executed well. Having a solid strategy for conducting candidate [...]

  • Top 5 Benefits of IT Staffing Services Demand for skilled IT labor is at an all-time high in the U.S. It is estimated that around half of the 1.6 million IT job openings available this year will go unfilled, showing a clear hiring problem for employers. Staffing demands are continually changing, and [...]

  • QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment In the business of IT, hiring a large staff of full-time employees is less and less common. Instead, many companies look to supplement their core IT staff with temporary IT consultants brought in on a contractual basis through an IT Staffing company. This is [...]

  • 4 Major Resume Mistakes You're Making Right Now Here at QAT Global, we review many resumes: making edits, correcting mistakes, and formatting the documents to maximize each candidate’s opportunity for success. During the process, we have come across a number of common errors being made by all types of candidates, so we [...]

  • Can Distributed Teams Be Successful? How to Find Success With Distributed Software Development Teams A team is a group of people brought together to achieve a common goal. When the word team is brought up often the first thing that comes to mind is sports. Professional sports teams are formed by assembling [...]

  • How to Quickly Extend Your Development Capacity with an On-Demand Software Development Team Developing software can be extremely complex. Even the most experienced software developers may need a team to help them in developing software. QAT Global has a great team of experts who are eager to be that help. QAT Global [...]

  • The Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Offshore IT Outsourcing What is Rural Sourcing? Rural is a relative term – to some it’s a small town, and to others, it’s a second-tier city like Omaha, Nebraska. Generally, rural sourcing centers are located in low-cost areas compared to urban-based centers. One thing most people agree [...]

  • Helpful Interview Skills The Interview Skills You Need to Seal the Deal It takes more than just applying for a position and showing up for the interview to get an offer today. You need to be on top of your game and stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the things [...]