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4 Major Resume Mistakes You’re Making Right Now


4 Major Resume Mistakes You're Making Right Now Here at QAT Global, we review many resumes: making edits, correcting mistakes, and formatting the documents to maximize each candidate’s opportunity for success. During the process, we [...]

4 Major Resume Mistakes You’re Making Right Now2019-04-10T10:29:16-05:00

Can Distributed Teams Be Successful?


Can Distributed Teams Be Successful? How to Find Success With Distributed Software Development Teams A team is a group of people brought together to achieve a common goal. When the word team is brought up [...]

Can Distributed Teams Be Successful?2019-04-10T12:03:12-05:00

Software Development Team


How to Quickly Extend Your Development Capacity with an On-Demand Software Development Team Developing software can be extremely complex. Even the most experienced software developers may need a team to help them in developing software. [...]

Software Development Team2019-04-10T12:08:39-05:00

Rural Sourcing: IT Outsourcing Onshore


The Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Offshore IT Outsourcing What is Rural Sourcing? Rural is a relative term – to some it’s a small town, and to others, it’s a second-tier city like Omaha, Nebraska. Generally, [...]

Rural Sourcing: IT Outsourcing Onshore2019-04-10T12:56:48-05:00

Helpful Interview Skills


Helpful Interview Skills The Interview Skills You Need to Seal the Deal It takes more than just applying for a position and showing up the interview to get an offer today. You need [...]

Helpful Interview Skills2019-04-10T12:16:00-05:00
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