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  • Ideation Services Designed to Drive Your Vision and Beat Your Objectives Applying the Creative Process Ideation is about exploring possibilities and discovering new opportunities. What is Ideation? Webster’s dictionary definition of ideation: “The faculty or capacity of the mind for forming ideas; the exercise of this capacity; the [...]

  • 10 Signs Your Packaged Software is Sabotaging Your Business Regain Control and a Competitive Edge with Custom Software 1. You have adjusted your workflow and processes to match the software. 2. Automatic updates have interrupted your business. 3. Your technology decisions are dictated by your software. 4. Your software has [...]

  • Capturing Information for Process Modeling Arguably, one of the most crucial steps in process modeling is capturing detailed, accurate information about the process as it is today. This information is the foundation of the model and henceforth, largely determines what the outcome of the implementation will be. In [...]

  • Designing a Process for BPM Once you’ve selected a pilot project to get you started implementing BPM in your business, it’s time to design the process. Watch our short video on the four basic steps to modeling/designing your process to get you started on the right path. [...]

  • Building Your BPM Team As you prepare to implement BPM in your business, putting together your BPM team is a critical step. As with selecting the members for any kind of team, it starts with picking the right team members with the right skills. Next up is making [...]

  • Selecting a BPM Pilot Project Selecting the right BPM pilot project is an important step in implementing BPM in your business. It can significantly influence staff support for BPM and help build a road map for future process projects. Watch our short video on how to select the [...]

  • Advantages and Risks of Process Automation With increasing pressure to keep costs down, improve performance and service delivery, companies are looking for solutions that automate processes, standardize best practices, and improve efficiency. Businesses seeking to maximize profits and minimize risks have devoted increasing attention to business processes, their improvement, [...]

  • What Exactly is BPM? Business Process Management is the practice of developing, running, performance measuring, and simulating business processes to effect the continued improvement of those processes.  It involves both technology and management components. […]

  • Is BPM Right For Your Business What comes to mind when you think about BPM? Process modeling? Automation? Systems integration? Process Improvement? SOA? While all those things can be involved, BPM is really about people and content. Elementally, business processes are interactions between people, and between people and content. Given this definition [...]