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  • Enterprise Mobile Application Challenges Mobile applications are an excellent way for enterprises to provide their customers with improved customer service and increased productivity. However, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and invest time in marketing their applications to gain traction in the crowded app marketplace. Here are some of the most [...]

  • 8 Must Watch TED Talks on AI Dive into this list of TED talks to answer some of the most pressing questions about AI. What does the future of AI look like? How does AI learn, and what can it be useful for? These questions and more are answered through these TED talks [...]

  • Prioritizing 5G to Get the Most Out of Your Enterprise The implications of 5G As we move into 2020 digital trends are being set, and advancements in technology are emerging. It’s no secret that the next generation of wireless technology, known as 5G, is in the works of being implemented and will [...]

  • The Top 5 Challenges of Digital Transformation Today’s market is evolving into a more digital market with more and more direct customer user experiences attached to company products. With these changes comes the need for businesses to adopt a digital transformation strategy capable of taking full advantage of all the opportunities new [...]

  • Recognize and Evaluate Blind Spots in Enterprise Technology It’s amazing to think of how quickly the enterprise technology landscape can change. It seems as though the flow of new applications, devices and services is endless. Cloud computing, for instance, has revolutionized how information technology and businesses operate. For many IT teams, it’s [...]

  • Building Custom Software Around Your Business Instead of Building Your Business Around Software Are you satisfied with your business software? Is it hindering you in producing the results you would like? Business software is an important part to the success of any business. To gain a competitive advantage, you should consider switching [...]

  • The Benefits of Integrating Your Business Applications with QAT The integration of applications can produce many positive results within a business. It can help streamline processes, increase flexibility, and improve efficiency. New applications are being made every day each serving a specific purpose and function. It can be difficult finding the ones [...]

  • Custom Desktop Software to Streamline Your Business Customization is one way for you to take your business software to the next level. The days of only running generic commercial desktop software are over. Developers now can create custom desktop software that smoothly transitions to the web and will be specifically designed for [...]

  • Process-driven change and configuration management delivers several benefits At QAT Global, we use process-driven change and configuration management to ensure that projects satisfy client requirements and reduce the risks associated with developing new applications in new platforms or maintaining current ones. Process-driven change and configuration management delivers several benefits [...]