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The QAT Global Insights Blog is a resource for CEOs, software engineers, designers, project managers, and entrepreneurs, featuring articles on methodologies, engagement models, modernization issues, platforms and technologies, project issues, tutorials by professional QAT Global staff, resources to help enterprise organizations. We aim to offer fresh insights into the custom software development field. We hope the technology blog keeps you up to date with what is going on in the field, the problems and solutions we’re working on, and the processes and tools we’re using.

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5 Big Data Myths Exposed


5 Big Data Myths Exposed Don't Be Fooled By These Big Data Myths Big Data is a hot topic amongst large companies of all types. Being relatively new in terms of having practical business applications [...]

5 Big Data Myths Exposed2019-05-31T14:05:20-05:00

Why Startups Should Cash In on Blockchain 


Why Startups Should Cash In on Blockchain  Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies present a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups    If you scrolled through any of your social media feeds recently you are sure to see something [...]

Why Startups Should Cash In on Blockchain 2019-05-31T12:59:05-05:00

8 Critical Tools for Managing Distributed Teams


8 Critical Tools for Managing Distributed Teams Remarkably Well Tools to make your teams thrive. As distributed teams become more prevalent and effective in the business community, communication among team members has never been so [...]

8 Critical Tools for Managing Distributed Teams2019-05-31T12:33:36-05:00
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