Joe Powers, Delivery Manager

Joe Powers
Joe PowersDelivery Manager
Role: Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager, Joe Powers has been at QAT Global for five years. In past years outside of work, Joe is involved in the community primarily through his kids’ school. “I have an athletic extra-curricular activity website that I run for Abraham High School that has been up for 10 plus years now,” Joe said. “It allows the coaches, parents, athletes, and staff of the sports programs to know what is going on with each of the different sports. Coaches can send messages to athletes and parents about practices or games.” Joe created the website when his kids first started high school because he wanted to make it easier for the team to communicate. It started off with just basketball and later intertwined with all of the sports. Being a computer programmer, he was able to create a website. “It was a way of sharing my knowledge of what I can do and help out,” Joe said. “At the High School level, the website made it easier for the parents, staff, and coaches to keep communication with each other.”

As Powers’ kids were growing up, Joe and his wife coached youth sports for 10-12 years and at the high school level for six years. They got involved while their kids were playing at the YMCA/Parks & Recreation because they were always looking for volunteers. “My wife and I were willing to jump in there and help out even in the sports we never played, like soccer,” Joe said. “Both my wife and I were into a lot of sports and played a lot of sports when we were younger, so; we wanted to share our experiences with our kids and other kids.” They coached anywhere from soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, to volleyball. “It was fun; we worked with a lot of good kids. It was very enjoyable and rewarding, especially with the kids I had coached for a while and seeing them grow up and how they progressed.” Even while running back and forth on the court, Joe saw kids come out of their shell and becoming more outgoing on and off the court.

Throughout his years of volunteer coaching, Joe gained leadership responsibilities that he believed helped him to get the leadership position he has today. “Personally, I gained a lot of leadership skills from coaching because you are the one everyone is looking up to. You need to keep putting yourself out there and be willing to take responsibility because parents are relying on you to take responsibility for their kids when coaching.”

Even while living in Council Bluffs, Joe is still part of the Omaha community, and truly enjoys it. “The Omaha Community is awesome and very friendly. You can go up to anybody and start a conversation, which I do all the time and my wife looks at me kind of funny,” he said. Joe also appreciates the commute around Omaha as it is very easy to get around. Joe believes Omaha to be “a big city, with small-town people – a great Midwest Community.”