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At QAT Global we are continually searching for skilled individuals striving to succeed and looking for a challenging career to join our team.
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Careers at QAT Global


At QAT Global we are continually searching for skilled individuals looking for a challenging career to join our team. Learn more about QAT Global Careers and the company – technology, market position, what it’s like to work for QAT Global and what kinds of jobs are available at QAT Global.

At QAT Global, we believe an agile mind and a strong desire to learn and contribute ideas are essential qualities for any candidate. Every QAT Global team member shares a passion for working on challenging, innovative projects that deliver meaningful results, and we insist on working with others who feel the same.

We are:

  • Experts in the business of product innovation services
  • Designers and developers of the most advanced custom technology solutions
  • Focused on fostering client trust, communication, and relationships
  • Adept at solving problems creatively in cross-disciplinary teams
  • Fueled by intellectual curiosity, a spirit of innovation, and hard work

Why Work for QAT Global?

As a leader in distributed R&D services, QAT Global gives employees the opportunity to practice their technical and business skills in a global landscape. Our teams work with prestigious, innovative clients on intellectually challenging engagements that significantly enrich their experience, skills, and knowledge.
Careers - Why Work at QAT Global
We promote an environment of learning, collaboration, innovation, sharing, and personal empowerment to help employees be their very best. Our energy, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to core values have played a significant role in our success. We nurture a positive, creative work environment, and we encourage employees to expand their horizons through training and travel opportunities.

Our ideal employee:

  • Top of your game in your area of expertise
  • Always learning, evolving, and sharing what you know
  • Inspired by complex, varied problems and rapid change
  • Adaptable to different team structures, client environments, and project goals
  • Open-minded, flexible, and curious about new and better ideas

If you enjoy problem-solving, look for a challenging and stimulating work environment, possess strong communication skills, and are passionate about information technology and new media, we would like to hear from you.