Put the QAT Global Advantage to Work for You

At QAT Global, we bring you meaningful results that deliver maximum value. It starts with a focus on quality, value, and speed – everything you want and need for software development projects. We focus on conserving your budget while doing more by developing highly scalable, quick, and secure applications at a rapid pace and with the highest quality using our enterprise software development framework and Agility RPM methodology. The bottom line is – we give customers business advantages that matter.

We give IT Decision Makers and CIOs from all across the country the edge that they need to maximize their budget dollars through compounded savings. Innovation and deep knowledge of current advances in technology form the basis of our core, as we partner with our customers to develop a constant stream of innovative software products and technology solutions that enhance productivity, improve user satisfaction, create new business from advances in technology, and deliver strong ROI. We get the job done for less due to our non-metro locations in the US, Costa Rica, and Brazil. We ensure faster time-to-market and lower R&D costs using our refined fast-track software development process, project accelerators, and open-source technologies by going beyond simple out-of-the-box thinking. Our heavy focus on requirements analysis, usability, product design, and quality assurance also dramatically reduces the long-term total cost of ownership, alleviating unanticipated expenses associated with excessive user training and re-implementation.

We continuously make significant investments in internal R&D teams focused on evolving technologies such as cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), performance engineering, evolving open-source frameworks for the enterprise, mobile, social media, product testing, and big data. This, coupled with our Agile-based methodology, frameworks, models, and extensive experience in software product development, enables us to design and build successful products with the robustness, interoperability, and minimization of risk required for evolving business environments.

With a focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, QAT Global works as a seamless partner with the client development team, adopting best practices and applying flexible engagement models to create world-class software products. This permits us to work in partnership with our clients to focus our collective creative energy exactly where our customers’ markets need it, stimulating further innovation that reaches well beyond an initial project brief.

The QAT Global Advantage

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