Testing Services for Existing Dev Teams
A clean, agile, objective testing approach.
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Testing Services for Existing Development Teams


Why Outsource Testing for Existing Development Teams?

We believe that there are no shortcuts to success. A product must work perfectly, without exception, if it hopes to succeed. But that’s easier said than done.

QAT Global helps you realize that dream by taking care of the tedious software testing and quality assurance process for you. Our team of top-tier testers will put your application through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built test processes, and identify even the most elusive bugs.

When it comes to software testing, a “fresh pair of eyes” goes a long way to helping uncover defects in functionality. Developers do their best to test their code and the application during development, but given their close familiarity with the product, they tend to make assumptions and accept quirks that an end user would not. This tends to be true of internal testing teams as well who are often more intimately involved in the development lifecycle or perform multiple roles on the development team. Our independent software testers can not only provide you with a clean, objective approach to testing, but they will also apply testing methodologies that your internal development team does not. The result? Well-described defects your developers will use to perfect your software, website, or mobile application.

The result? You get the best solutions and more control over the process, resulting in higher productivity of your existing development teams and releases. Plus, outsourcing the test process to a specialized service provider is always the best solution for cost-cutting and building a high-quality competitive software application.

Now you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain a large internal testing team and processes. Instead, you can use cost-effective testing solutions provided by QAT Global.

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This engagement model and the agility to adapt and relate our testing strategies to your business goals is what makes us a strong partner.

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