Quality Assurance for Software Success

Boost your QA Software Testing Effort

Boost your QA software testing effort for an immediate project or economically expand your long-term capability with experienced QA software testers. We can provide the manual testing resources you need, from individual testers to dedicated teams, for every testing phase, including the maintenance of your application.

QA Services Quick Sheet

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You can benefit from the use of our offshore QA services when:

  • an independent audit of the software development services of the present offshore service provider is required
  • technical support (including its cost) of a completed project becomes a challenge
  • product quality enhancements are needed to increase overall business profitability
  • an onsite/nearshore software development process requires a dedicated offshore QA team
  • access to a unique experience, specific testing platforms, and software becomes one of your goals

Our staff includes QA engineers trained in software development and computer science, giving us the ability to undertake testing projects that require specialized skills such as API testing, database testing, and load/performance testing.

QA Services – Our Approach

As our clients’ development methodologies and needs have evolved, our QA services have evolved as well: Agile development, shorter test cycles, faster releases, more open source and web apps, and more automation. But your real advantage in working with us for QA is how we manage our company and our relationship with you. It goes beyond best practices. It’s a partnership filled with caring attention and communication. Quality of delivery and communication is just as important to us as the quality of your software.

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Why clients choose QAT Global and stay with QAT Global:

  • Your own dedicated team – talented QA engineers who are thoroughly familiar with your product, processes, and people.

  • More engineers for your budget – testing will be able to keep up with your development.

  • Daily reports and constant, effective communication – we make sure you know what you need to know when you need to know it. We will work with you to quickly fine-tune reporting procedures to be just the way you need them.

  • Dedication to solving the problem, whatever it is. Problems are simply opportunities to find a new solution. All of our managers and QA engineers share this attitude about their work.

  • No language barriers. Each project manager and team lead for your QA Lab speaks English.

Of course, having your own QA team means that you can significantly reduce your time to market. We also train all of our engineers rigorously in various areas, including Technology, QA methodologies, effective communication, and project management.

Hybrid Offshore QA Testing Model

Our development experience taught us this lesson well: the best way to structure offshore QA is to couple a U.S.-based project manager with an offshore QA Manager and a dedicated QA team. This hybrid solution is far superior to an offshore-only solution.

Benefits of Hybrid Bestshore Model:

  • Savings of 25-30% or above on U.S. QA costs with a bestshore team
  • Savings of 30-50% or above on U.S. QA costs with an offshore +1 team
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources as necessary
  • Low overhead for training new staff
  • Reduced management overhead

QAT Global has successfully implemented the hybrid model for a variety of satisfied clients. Your U.S.-based project manager is your primary communications connection. Your project manager and technical lead are responsible for ensuring offshore quality, managing communication, resolving any logistical issues, and attending project meetings. This enables consistent face-time with the development and management teams ensuring a strong connection between the U.S. and offshore QA teams.