Agile Testing Services

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Agile Testing Services ProcessOne of the calculated steps to help a business grow fast and stay ahead in this competitive market is adopting agile methodologies. This calls for an evolution in testing to Agile testing.

Agile Testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of Agile software development. Agile development integrates testing into the development process versus having it as a separate phase. Testing, therefore, is an integral part of the core software development and actively participates throughout the software coding process. Agile Testing involves a cross-functional Agile team actively relying on the special expertise contributed by Testers. This allows the combined team to better meet the project’s defined business, software usability, quality, and timeline objectives. Agile testing allows the team to work at a sustainable pace because testing occurs in real-time, enabling testers to collaborate actively with the development team and giving them the ability to identify any issues and transfer those into executable specifications that guide coding. Testing and coding are done incrementally and iteratively, building up each feature until it provides enough value to release to production.

Why Agile Testing?

Advantages of Agile Testing

  • Testing requirements are discussed and refined as a team (stand-ups / Scrums), allowing the combined team to better address the business/technical aspects of the requirement. This enables overall alignment and prevents misunderstandings.
  • Agile process often requires having an entry and exit criteria for stories (a compression of things to do in a particular release/iteration). Agile testing ensures that each requirement is well defined and is measurable, allowing you to determine whether the requirement was actually completed or not.
  • QA participates in the big picture requirements writing stage. This ensures testing estimates aren’t overlooked.
  • Automated tests are fully leveraged to implement Regression.
  • Quality becomes the combined team’s responsibility, rather than just solely that of QA. The entire team agrees to the testing strategies, test cases, and defects prioritization plan.

Agile Testing Services

Our Approach

Establishing agile testing processes is our expertise. Our testers understand speed, feature stories, and Agile test design. At QAT Global, we advance with the industry’s latest methodologies and have a proven agile testing methodology. Short QA cycles in Agile development can be challenging for a QA team to release on schedule. You need never miss another deadline. Instead, you can reap the benefits of our skilled and experienced software testers. We offer Agile testing onsite, onshore, or in our Brazil offshore offices, allowing you to take advantage of QA testing in whatever model fits your needs best.

Benefits of Partnering with QAT Global for Agile Testing Services

  • Synergy between business, development, and QA
  • A proven Agile testing methodology
  • Project governance
  • A collaborative approach

QAT Global provides testing services using our proprietary Agile testing approach based on standard Agile principles and augmented with our expertise. Our services are customized to meet each client’s unique business needs. We utilize proven testing approaches to support the client’s technical environment effectively. QAT Global embraces an approach to quality assurance and testing that includes:

  • Adopting a team approach to identifying and addressing quality issues
  • Reviewing quality throughout all stages of the development process
  • Automating tests early and often

While customizable for every project, our automation testing strategy utilizes best practices based on previous experiences and real-world lessons learned. Each project’s automation testing strategy includes the following components:

  • Strategy development
  • Maintainable test automation framework
  • Specific tools and approaches for each level of testing
  • High-impact automation, including automated unit testing
  • Collaboration with Quality Assurance (QA) team for knowledge share and automated user story testing
  • Tools aligned with the client environment, budget criteria, technologies, and available skill sets

We can also consult or augment your own agile QA teams by scoping, planning, and executing User Stories. Our QA Engineers and testing experts create User Story Acceptance Tests, and then we execute and automate them. When we build User Stories for functional testing, we always keep regression in mind, so you are prepped with a suite of automation scripts.