Functional Testing Services

Making Sure Your Software Performs as Expected

You have spent tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars developing your application. The last thing you need is to launch it with flaws. The best software ever developed will fail to be successful if it is released with bugs.

Functional Testing Services Quick Sheet

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Is the application you’re about to release bug-free and ready for prime time? Are you sure?

When an application isn’t tested for all possible scenarios, it produces:

  • Undesired results
  • Poor user experience
  • Lost opportunities

The result? Users flock to alternatives that are just a tap, swipe, or a click away. This tends to be true for both internal and external applications.

When it comes to software testing, a “fresh pair of eyes” goes a long way to helping uncover defects in functionality. Developers do their best to test their code and the application during development, but given their close familiarity with the product, they tend to make assumptions and accept quirks that an end-user would not. Our independent software testers will not only provide you with a clean, objective approach to testing, but they will also apply testing methodologies that your developers do not. The result? Well-described defects your developers will use to perfect your software, website, or mobile application.

Why Functional Testing?

Functional testing is one of the most powerful testing approaches to reduce defects found in later stages significantly.

  • The objective of functional testing is to measure the quality of the business components of the system.
  • Functional testing can be an overwhelming task for teams with little experience.
  • To ensure success, the scope of the testing effort must be well defined

Functional testing requires well-formed functional requirements, from which the testers can create definitive test cases. Functional tests validate and verify that the developed system behaves according to the client/business specifications. Verifying that each component responds correctly to all conditions that may result from incoming events or data.

Functional testing is a critical success factor in the process of software quality assurance.

Functional Testing Approach

Functional Testing Services – Our Approach

QAT Global is here to support you in pursuit of perfection and higher ROI. Our fully customizable functional testing services are ready to meet any and all challenging end-user requirements and timelines.

Engage QAT Global from the beginning. Testing and QA should be tightly coupled with your development process, irrespective of the process you are following. Our resources blend in with various development processes, be it traditional, incremental, or agile. Our test professionals combine the balance of functional testing best practices and test flexibility to tailor an optimal test strategy for every client’s situation.

QAT Global provides:

  • Testing professionals with proven expertise in test strategy, planning, and test execution techniques
  • Testing professionals with experience across a variety of technologies and testing tools (both commercial and Open Source)
  • Tailored testing approaches and processes to meet a wide range of development methodologies

Our approach starts with exploratory testing, where our team gets to know your application. Based on their experience, they get methodical, develop a scenario matrix, and execute all possible test cases to assess application quality. This involves testing every function of software separately and all functions together.

Functional Testing Process

QAT Global also offers manual testing services to ensure that software meets specifications and meets a high-quality functional accessibility level.