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QAT Global, a long time partner with the State of Nevada,  is seeking a highly skilled Project Manager for the NV Secretary of State IT Alignment project which is located in Carson City, NV.

The primary goal of the Nevada Secretary of State’s IT Alignment project is to consolidate technical operations of the Secretary of State’s office into one work unit: the Secretary of State IT Department (SOSTek) within the Operations Division.  This will enable the Business Portal Division, which oversees SilverFlume Nevada’s Business Portal, to operate in a manner comparable to other Divisions, such as Elections, Commercial Recordings, Securities, etc.  SilverFlume to-date has passed through more than $464 million to State and local agencies and partners with 12 State agencies, 17 local governments, and 53 regulatory agencies, and counting.

The IT Alignment project is both an organizational change and technology migration project that separates the SilverFlume technical operations from the Business Portal strategy and consolidates the SilverFlume technical operations into SOSTek.

This project is completed when:

  • The Business Portal Division focuses solely on the business-side strategy and initiatives. All technical components of SilverFlume are migrated to SOSTek-supported technologies and transferred to SOSTek hosting. All SilverFlume technical operational roles and responsibilities are cataloged and reassigned to SOSTek staff. SilverFlume technical staff are transitioned to the SOSTek organizational structure and focuses on technical requests as assigned through the agency’s centralized prioritization process.

Project Background:

In 2012 the Secretary of State’s Office launched the SilverFlume Nevada’s Business Portal.  The mission of this product and associated Business Portal Division is to provide customers with a streamlined method to accomplish cross-governmental registrations and licensing.  SilverFlume sequences governmental registrations into a business checklist and simplifies notifications, payment, and receipt of licenses, requiring business process re-architecture among governmental agencies.

The Business Portal Division was initially designed to be an independent Division with its own technology standards and technical team to support the business, leaving open the possibility it could move to another State agency.  The SilverFlume technical team has operated separately from the SOSTek.  The SilverFlume solution is JAVA and Oracle based, whereas the systems maintained by SOSTek for the rest of the agency are.NET and Microsoft SQL Server based.  None of the hosting is shared.  The SilverFlume technical team, along with the contracted vendors, performs all their own development, maintenance and support for the set of solutions that support the business functionality.

This project is considered to be a sub-project of a major project that the Secretary of State’s Office is engaged in to replace our Commercial Recordings application, known internally as eSoS (Electronic Secretary of State).  It is integration into eSoS that provides SilverFlume with all its Secretary of State related functionality and features.  These integrations will be undergoing change as a part of the eSoS Replacement Project and as a result, change is expected within SilverFlume to accommodate.  Requirements will be written by the eSoS Replacement Project team.  The goal for the IT Alignment project team will be to account for these new requirements within the transition work of this project.


The consultant must perform all activities to the agreed upon project plan/schedule.  Work must be completed according to the specifications and standards set by the State.

Consultant will report directly to the agency’s Project Management Office (PMO) supervisor;  Follow the project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing processes guidance provided by the agency’s PMO Office; Provide timely project progress reports tailored to project stakeholder needs and expectations;  Supervise an MSA contractor project team with the following competencies: system administrator, database administrator, developer and business process analysis; Provide project management leadership to ensure the successful completion of the project; Ensure project team compliance with agency-recognized project lifecycle and SDLC methodologies, IT best practices, and PMI standards; Provide clear, concise, and complete project planning documents and MS Project schedules that detail the amount of work and number of resources needed to accomplish project tasks, milestones and deliverables;  Identify and engage relevant stakeholders, and manage their expectations, throughout each stage of the project; Document and handle risks, issues, action items, dependencies and decisions throughout the project lifecycle; Secure acceptance and approval of project deliverables from agreed upon and agency identified stakeholders; Collaborate and coordinate with other agency project and functional managers on matters related to project scope, schedule, and budget.  As a sub-project to the eSoS Replacement effort, ensure complete alignment with that project’s goals, objectives, and constraints; Ensure high-quality, complete deliverables through diligent task and activity monitoring and control; Ensure that project is completed on schedule and within budget and scope; and Ensure the completion and delivery of complete, detailed project and technical documentation to the agency.


  • Over eight years of project management leadership in a relevant technical field with PMI Certification.
  • Demonstrated ability in the following additional project manager competencies:
  • Project Initiation and Solution Analysis; Activity Definition and Sequencing; Project Execution and Control; Requirements elicitation and documentation; Acceptance test planning, scripting and management; and Project documentation.

We provide a competitive benefits package to include, Medical, Dental, 401k with match, Short/Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

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