State Government Success Stories & Case Studies

NDOR – Technology & Workforce Assessment Services


Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR), Business Technology Support Division (BTSD) Selects QAT Global for Assessment EXPLORE OUR SCOPE Planning for the Future with Technology and Workforce Services The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR), [...]

NDOR – Technology & Workforce Assessment Services2020-09-09T14:32:49-05:00

State Government – IT Staffing


State Government Agency Looks to QAT for Software Development Resources EXPLORE OUR SCOPE Expert Resources Design Online Grant Administration Application Client Overview The client offers two types of grants for organizations within the [...]

State Government – IT Staffing2020-09-09T14:58:45-05:00

Missouri Department of Elementary Selects Qat


Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Selects QAT Global for Enterprise Application Development EXPLORE OUR SCOPE Delivering an Enterprise Application Architecture and Transformation Services Without Work Stoppage [...]

Missouri Department of Elementary Selects Qat2020-09-09T14:05:40-05:00