Strategic Partners and Alliances

Our Strategic Partners

At QAT Global, we are extremely proud of the relationships we’ve built and maintained with other industry leaders. Together, we innovate, develop best-in-class products and services, and create joint development, marketing, and sales engagements.

QAT Global recognizes the benefits that joint technology partnerships and strategic alliances can bring to our customers. That’s why QAT Global has created the Alliances & Partners Program with the mission of building new business opportunities and long-term partnerships that enable us to deliver comprehensive and proven technology solutions to our shared markets.



Altova Partner Reseller
QAT Global is a Premier Altova Software Partner.

Member of The Free Software Foundation (FSF); a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all free software users.

Become a Strategic Partner With QAT Global

QAT Global partners with a select group of organizations to develop strategic business alliances and sponsorship opportunities that are mutually advantageous.

The QAT Global Alliances and Partners Program delivers best-in-class solutions with industry-leading companies who, by partnering with QAT Global, can:

  • Extend the sales and market reach of our two organizations
  • Co-market solutions through branding, awareness, and lead-generation activities.
  • Create long-term value, reach targeted audiences and build relationships.

The QAT Global Alliances and Partners Program Benefits:

  • Listing on QAT Global partner pages
  • Company profile
  • Case studies and featured partners (based on merit)
  • QAT Global logo usage
  • PR and blog posts (based on merit)

Our evaluation criterion for Alliances and Partners includes, in part:

  • Tangible business benefits associated with the partnership.
  • Opportunity to create long-term value.
  • Opportunity to reach targeted audiences and build relationships.
  • Positive exposure consistent with the QAT Global brand

For questions about QAT Global Alliance and partner opportunities, please email