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Make it Quick

Grabbing a Quick Lunch Downtown

Make it quick - downtown lunch
We all have those days where we are so busy and barely have time to eat lunch and just need to make it quick! Lucky for you downtown Omaha has a variety of options for lunch when your running low on time or have to get back to the office.

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Brandeis Food Court

In the Brandeis building located at 16th & Douglas, the food court is filled with a variety of fast food restaurants such as Subway, Mandarin Express, or Athenian Gyros and more.

Food Trucks

Every Thursday on Dodge between 14th and 15th Streets, food trucks are lined up ready to serve the people of downtown Omaha. They have a variety to choose from such as Gyro Shack, La casa, Hawk's Pizza, or Johnny Ricco's and more!

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