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Learn Why People and Companies Make Omaha, NE Their Home

People keep coming to the Omaha area. In fact, nearly 10,000 people a year. Ready to learn why they come to Omaha? For the same reasons that companies like QAT Global, Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific Railroad, Werner Enterprises, Mutual of Omaha, Home Instead Senior Care, West, Kiewit, TD Ameritrade, and so many others have made Omaha their home. The business environment, talent pool, and quality of living provide a foundation for success.

Need more proof that Omaha makes us strong? Consider these numbers:

daily flights
non-stop destination airports
major interstates (29 and 80) connect the region with other markets
minutes average Omaha commute time to and from work
universities and colleges (private and public) in the city of Omaha
of Omaha area residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher (Census Bureau)
Above US Average for Economic Growth (Omaha Chamber)
cost of living as a percentage of the national average (Nebraska.gov, 2019)
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No. 1

Up-and-Coming Tech Hotspots


No. 1

Best City to Work in Tech

(Smart Asset)

No. 2

State for Cost of Doing Business

(America’s Top States for Business 2018)

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Most Up-and-Coming Cities in America


No. 3

Top US Cities Where Millennials Are Moving, And Staying

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No. 4

City to Start Your Tech Job Search


No. 6

Best State for Education


No. 7

Best State for Fiscal Stability


No. 8

in U.S. State Economy Rankings

(Business Insider – 2018)

No. 9

Overall Best State


No. 14

Largest IT Hub With Over 5.8% of Jobs in IT

(Omaha Chamber)

No. 19

Best Large City to Live in


Quality of Living

Learn What Makes Living in Omaha Great

High quality of life, low cost of living, and diversity of educational and living options characterize life in Omaha. The greater Omaha area population of 1.3 million people is one of the country’s most affordable tech centers. At 4.9% below the national cost of living average, it costs less to live and work here than in most tech areas. Omaha has also been rated No. 2 in America’s Best Cities by Resonance (population of more than 200,000 but fewer than 1 million), No. 2 in Cities Where Renters Can Afford to Live Alone by SmartAssets, and No. 5 in Cities You Should Consider Moving to ASAP by Zoe Report.

Arts & Culture

With several theatre venues, history and art museums, and music venues, Omaha’s cultural community is thriving.

Sports & Events

Omaha is home to the Omaha Storm Chasers AAA baseball team, Omaha Beef professional indoor football team, and the Omaha Lancers hockey team.

Omaha also hosts several special sporting events such as The College World Series, US Olympic Swim Trials, and US Senior Open in addition to a wide variety of college sports events.

Outdoors & Adventure

With more than 240 parks and 120 miles of paved trails, Omaha provides excellent access to biking, fishing, golf courses, swimming pools, fitness trails, and picnic areas. There are also four large recreation areas nearby for fishing, camping, and boating fun.

Entertainment & Food

Locals love to socialize and celebrate; as a result, the community has abundant entertainment and food options. From one of the world’s best zoos to thirteen entertainment districts, there’s something for everyone.

Health Care

From primary care facilities and comprehensive hospitals to health care research and technology, Omaha delivers first-class health care to residents.

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Economic Indicators

Learn What Makes the Business Environment Favorable

Omaha’s strong business environment is evident in its favorable geographic location, business climate, and quality of life. Omaha’s location within Nebraska, which Site Selection magazine ranked No. 1 in the West North Central region in 2019’s Prosperity Cup rankings is also favorable for strong businesses.

Many factors drive the Omaha area’s economy. Here are some of the key metrics reflecting the strength of the greater Omaha area.

0 million
Total Gross Domestic Product
0 million
Total Population
Total Employment
Total Housing Permits

Corporate Headquarters

Learn Why Companies Choose to Make Omaha Their Base of Operations

High-quality talent, low cost of living, and easy access to markets makes Omaha the ideal location for headquarters operation. It’s no wonder that Site Selection Magazine rated the Omaha area as the number one Best Metro Area for New and Expanded Corporate Projects (category – 200,000 to 1 million population).

Fortune 500 headquarters
Fortune 1000 headquarters
corporate headquarters across all industries
of adults in the greater Omaha area
have a bachelor’s degree or higher
business-related certificates and degrees are awarded in the Omaha area each year

The Structural Position

Learn Why Omaha’s Geographic Location is Ideal

Location and infrastructure combine to make Omaha ideal. Located strategically in the center of the country, Omaha provides easy access and communication with the rest of the country.

Transportation assets include Omaha Eppley Airport, two interstate highways, and Amtrak train.

Information Technology

Learn Why IT Companies Choose Omaha

With a strong presence of leading technology companies, IT is an established industry in the Omaha area. With a diversified workforce, a wide variety of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs, and active startup culture, Omaha is poised as a hub for technology and innovation.

Tech Talent Workers
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