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Honorable Mentions

More Great Places to Eat in Downtown Omaha

honorable mentions

Expand your lunch time repertoire by exploring these classic and fresh downtown honorable mentions. You’ll find eclectic and build-you-own options amongst these potentially new favorite places.

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Wilson & Washburn

Address: 1407 Harney St.
Phone Number: (402) 991-6950
Pricing: $5-$10
Vegan Options
Located in a restored 19th century building with a cool vibe that has a Chicago feeling to it. Wilson & Washburn has over 24 craft and import beers on tap and a unique menu. Perfect for your 'office away from the office' - with labtop and phone charging stations and free wifi!

Michael’s Cantina

Address: 1102 Harney St,
Phone Number: (402) 346-1205
Pricing $7-$10
Easy going hangout features delicious Mexican cuisine & full bar mixing a variety of margarita flavors. Family owned and servicing the downtown Omaha area for over 40 years!

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