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Get to Know Your Neighbors2020-07-28T11:49:52-05:00

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors in Omaha is an important part of being Omaha Strong! It opens up networking opportunities, helps build lasting friendships, and provides opportunitites for you to get involved in the community. Get started by checking out the stories of the QAT Global staff who are actively involved in the Omaha community. They put their personal time to good use donating their time and fundraising for important causes that are important to them and their families. You’re also invited to connect with them to learn more about their involvement in the Omaha community and their work at QAT Global on LinkedIn or by contacting them personally by email.

Getting to Know Randy Parsons

Randy Parsons is the Project Manager here at QAT Global and just so happens to be the very first employee that Ken and Rollie, the founders, brought onto the team.

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