Nearshore Outsourcing Services
Expand your capabilities by exploring nearshore.

IT Nearshore Outsourcing Services

We provide high-quality, stable, long-term nearshore outsourcing teams that become experts on your tech stack and projects, achieving high productivity and lowering your software development time-to-market.

Team Augmentation

  • Augment your software development capacity with teams in a highly compatible time zone
  • Tackle new development projects or maintain existing applications
  • Leverage dedicated, stable, long-term teams of flexible size

End time zone headaches. We provide software development outsourcing teams that deliver agile development services from wholly-owned nearshore centers in Latin America.


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High-Performing Software Delivery Teams

It’s not only possible to establish and maintain high-performing software delivery teams; we excel at it. Even in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

US-based resources with the technical skills you need are in short supply, and typically those you do find are expensive and challenging to retain. We have the solution you need. QAT Global is the partner of choice for organizations looking to establish dedicated, high-performing, continuous software delivery teams. We can consistently deliver exceptional teams thanks to our hybrid nearshore-onshore model, robust personnel selection process, IT Staff transformation training, excellent compensation packages, unique culture, repeatable development processes, and development centers in the Americas that operate within highly compatible time zones, have similar cultures, and include bilingual client-facing team members with excellent English communication skills.


Our Costa Rica, Brazil, and US-based Agile software developers can help you achieve a higher outsourcing value through cost savings, increased overall delivery quality, and reduced time to delivery.

Hiring Process

Our global leadership team puts potential resources through a comprehensive personnel selection process. We provide our clients with team members who are technically and culturally aligned with your organization and share your passion for delivering quality solutions to your users.

Our Team

Every QAT Global team member shares a passion for working on challenging, innovative projects that deliver meaningful results that help transform our clients’ businesses. They are inspired by complex, varied problems and rapid change and actively work to improve every day.

Areas of Focus

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Software Product Development

Common Enterprise Engagements

  • Maintaining and enhancing existing business applications and products
  • Building robust, scalable, and secure software products for B2B and B2C clients from concept to production
  • Re-engineering and enhancing core legacy applications

Reasons to trust QAT Global as your software development nearshore outsourcing partner:

We focus on reliable and transparent long-term relationships, making it our business to understand and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Solid English Skills

All client-facing team members are fluent in English. We select bilingual project leads for their ability to communicate effectively and support the team’s culture.

Top Development Talent

Access expert development talent at a fraction of typical onshore rates.


Best Practices and Methodologies

Quality, Value, Speed – Everything you want and need for enterprise software development projects. QAT Global develops projects at a rapid pace and with the highest quality using its Agility RPM enterprise development methodology that is Agile-Scrum based. Agility RPM is an innovative and revolutionary development approach that produces highly scalable, quick, and secure enterprise applications.

Skilled Partner in a Compatible Time Zone

25+ years experience. 100+ person team that works when you do.

Let us help you solve your most complex software development challenges with a dedicated, high-performance nearshore outsourcing team in a compatible time zone.

Let’s Extend Your
Software Development
Capacity Together

You Get A Partner, Not A Vendor

In today’s competitive, fast-paced business environment, we believe that each client engagement must be based on a mutual partner-like attitude and the intent to build a lasting relationship to deliver exceptional business value to clients. Our teams regard our clients as partners and vice versa, and this approach sets the ground for outstanding performance delivery.

QAT Global’s people redefine your perspective on nearshore outsourcing

We are transparent. We are not shy about what we do. We collaborate with our clients openly by giving them direct access to our team and project management tools for full visibility into their projects. Our clients experience true transparency throughout the entire software development process

We have integrity. When challenges arise, we have concerns, or if we have ideas, you can expect us to speak up early. We help clients balance insights and ideals with strategic action. Most importantly, throughout our relationship, we always place the interests of our clients first.

We are reliable. Clients entrust QAT Global with their most sensitive and critical systems knowing that we will not let them down. We are focused on providing exceptional service; we never play politics and always fulfill our commitments.

We are committed to quality. While retaining competitive rates, we never compromise the quality of our services. We hire and retain only the best professionals. At QAT Global, we set up a thorough personnel selection process and a challenging environment to grow and improve our large resource pool of top-notch experts. We also follow proven, repeatable development processes based on industry best practices on every project we undertake. This, combined with QAT Global’s experience, guarantees outstanding results and allows us to better serve clients in terms of cost, quality, and timeframes.

We are in the Americas. We can be agile because we work when you do.

Nearshore to Brazil

QAT Global offers our customers the option of leveraging talented development team members from our fully owned and staffed Offshore Development Center in Uberaba, MG, Brazil. QAT Global began its relationship with Brazil in 1998. Since that time, QAT has developed the best practices, techniques, and tools to support offshore – onshore collaboration.

Nearshore to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a large talent pool of excellent engineers, graduating more than 3,000 each year from their universities. According to the 2018 Global Innovation Index, Cost Rica ranked 2nd in Latin America for innovation. Our wholly-owned nearshore location is exceptionally convenient and beneficial for our staff and our clients.

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