Your Enterprise, Your Legacy: Modernizing Legacy Systems

Technology companies are always looking toward the future. The best companies are already thinking about and developing products that will be released years from now. The legacy of a company is often defined by choices made long before. In the fast changing world of technology, these tough decisions are being made more frequently. Companies are always competing to produce a better quality product at a quicker and more affordable price than their competitors. One major factor that effects a company’s success is their computer technology. Often outdated and difficult to maintain, legacy systems are still commonly used. The decision to start modernizing legacy systems may be challenging, but it may take your business to the next level as a result.

Many CIOs are making the decision to modernize their legacy computer systems more quickly. With the maturing of cloud [computing] and the decline in the availability of staff with the skills to do legacy maintenance and support, the legacy life cycle is coming to a faster (than before) end. Most legacy systems are simply limited in their functionality and adaptability. They prevent businesses from evolving their processes, applications, and overall functionality. IT will spend most of their time performing maintenance on the system rather than developing innovative ways to improve the service. Forrester’s Business Technographics study revealed that 75% of North American and European enterprise IT budgets are expended on ongoing operations and maintenance. One way to improve the ability to be more innovative with technology is through modernization. QAT Global has experts that will help you modernize your legacy system and reach your desired results.

QAT Global focuses on helping you improve your customer service, operations, and technology through modernizing and migrating your legacy systems, architectures, and processes. This process is not always easy, but QAT Global will help you throughout the planning, development, and launch of the new system. It is our desire to make sure that the new system is not only more adaptable to your business needs today, but is designed for future technology compatibility.

Through modernizing your legacy system, your business will no longer have to worry about the life span of your technology; instead the technology will help you better your service to your customers and be ready to evolve as your business does. Let’s discuss the future of your business. Start the conversation today.

Take the Steps for Success

Ready to start on the path to modernizing your software with a practical approach? Using an Agile modernization approach with proper planning and the right people on your team will put you on the path to success. The development team at QAT Global is experienced in modernizing legacy applications and working with clients who have complex environments. Put your next modernization project on the path to success, start the conversation with our development team today.